England - South East, United Kingdom

Occupation: Police/computers
Interests: Classic Motorcycles
Username: Hohenstaufen


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When SWMBO saw this bio for the first time by accident she complained there was no mention of her or the children, so here we go! Steph & I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in 2017. We have three fantastic daughters, 28, 25 & 22. Now she has seen it again, she takes the piss by referring to me as Hohenstaufen when she catches me on the site. At Beltring in 2013 she even bought a (repro) Hohenstaufen cuffband from one of the stalls! My first kit was an Airfix Walrus my Dad (who was in Coastal Command during WW2 & worked on all sorts of aircraft) made me when I was 6. This was along time ago! I made a lot of Airfix aircraft, including the Short Sunderland bought with the 10/6 (old money, 52p modern) winnings from the slot machine in the golf club! While at school I painted a lot of figures, from 25mm to 90mm, Airfix, Stadden, Tradition, Series 77, Hinchliffe, Men 'O War etc. After school had a short (I do mean short!) spell in the Army then worked for Chas C Stadden Studios for 4 years, moulding 80mm figures in pewter & white metal. After several other jobs I worked as a civilian with the Police for 22 years, before taking early retirement on health grounds. If you can't beat 'em join 'em! Mainly model 1/35 German vehicles with particular reference to 9th SS Panzer division, hence the callsign. When I'm not dabbling with bits of plastic, I'm in the garage building 1/1 kits in metal (yes, I'm a British bike owner).

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