Virginia, United States

Occupation: Illustrator/ Painter
Username: House


About House
I am an illustrator and painter living with my wife and screwball English setter in Charlottesville, Virginia. I took up AFV modelling after the kids went away to college(about 5 years ago) I enjoy those few hours at the end of the day spent building scale models. I do not find it easy! It's more like performing brain surgery in my spare time. I am currently obsessed with contemporary British subjects, although I stil build plenty od WW2 German stuff. I like painting and weathering most of all. I get the most enjoyment airbrushing, pasteling and dirtying up my models. My kids think that I " have gone round the twist" I tell them that I am an insomniac and AFV modeling fills up those hours that I used to spend reading all night. I read contemporary European history constantly. I graduated with a History degree some years ago from the University of Virginia... and my interest has never waned. I suppose that model building is my way of recreating gives me something to look at while I read! I mountain bike as a way to get my ya yas out. Model building is meditation... it keeps me sane

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