Georgia, United States

Username: Kelley


About Kelley
My story is like so many others, I began modeling as a kid, then in my teenage years I discovered more interesting things...girls, cars. I got married in my early thirties and got back into modeling pretty heavily in my mid thirties (I'm 46 now) I was amazed at the changes. As a kid I started with model cars, and aircraft. My interest in AFV's stems from the fact my dad was in the U.S. 1rst Armored Div. in WW2. Even though dad was a tank driver early in the war my main interest has always been Axis armor. I do build Allied too, it really depends on if the subject interests me. Over the last four or five years I have also developed a keen interest in modern MBT's and other modern AFV's. In fact though I still love reading and learning about WW2 I probably build more modern kits now than other subjects.