Washington, United States

Occupation: Modeling Enthusiast
Interests: Music, art, and books
Username: ModelBuildingTanks


About ModelBuildingTanks
Hey, I've been building models since 2007, and although young, I have some great works I'd love to show. I was born in '96, so I'm fairly young. My grandfather used to model (until he passed away, sadly), he modeled with my father, who was modeling by himself by my age. I have done the same in turn. I have a bright outlook on life and plan to be a Military engineer, or an electric engineer for General Dynamics or BAE systems. I build model tanks, just as my username says. To best describe me, I'd say obnoxious. I'm also into art, war machines, reading, and music. Glad to be apart of the community! Other details: I only model 1/48 to 1/35 scale armor. I also like to build 1/48 aircraft, but I've lost interest int that over the years sadly. My Inspirations include George Smith Patton, various politicans, Toby Turner, and many more.

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