Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Occupation: security
Interests: WW2 Modern US Armour
Username: PanzerEd


About PanzerEd
Served in the British Army on armoured vehicles for 15 years. Seen them in varying states of cleanliness which comes in useful for weathering my Panzers. Seen active duty in the Middle East, Cyprus, Former Republic of Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland to name but a few places. I will try to post some pics of the kits I am working on at the moment. These include a Panzer IIIG, Afrika Korps from Dragon,still not finished. A Panzer IIIE from Dragon for the Blitzkrieg Campaign which I missed out on completing in time, and a Dragon M4A3E8 which I finally finished after a few setbacks. Close to finishing a Tamiya Tiger 1 early and have a couple of KV1's to get underway.

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