Ontario, Canada

Occupation: University Student
Interests: Modelling 1/35 modern Russian armour and WWII armour of all nations, Milsim Mag-fed Paintball
Username: Panzermeister36


About Panzermeister36
I started modelling some time in 2012 with that good old Tamiya Panzer II Ausf.F/G kit and very soon afterwards discovered how useful the internet was with this hobby. Within a year I had started up a small YouTube channel and it all kind of took off from there. I have a soft spot for the StuG series of tanks and most of the panzers along with other WWII armour, and while modern tanks don't appeal to me as much - I'm not too much of a fan of the smooth and sleek streamlined look - modern Soviet and Russian armour still catches my eye. I like 1/35th scale most. My favourite part of the whole process is actually weathering the thing, and I find oils to be just the most incredible product ever for all of that!

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