Bayern, Germany

Occupation: Ph.D. Student/Computer Science
Interests: History of the XX century, from Boer War to WW2
Username: PetrOsipov


About PetrOsipov
I am a 26 year old scale modeler from Gilching, Germany. I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and moved to Germany 8 years ago. My grandfather infected me with the modeling virus when I was 4 years old, and I am still active. Except for 1 year break in building after my move to Germany I never ceased the hobby. Currently my main focus are the dioramas containing the much overlooked vehicles, ships and aircraft of the Second world war. Also, as a tribute to my great grandfather who was a fighter pilot and then a political officer in the Soviet Naval Aviation I am building all the aircraft types of his regiment (3rd GvIAP KBF).

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