Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Power Lineman
Interests: Rebuilding a '58 MGA roadster
Username: Slug


About Slug
Like many folks here I began modeling when I was a youngster. I mostly built cars, the mono tones of military vehicles was not appealing to me at all. I have always had an inkling to return to the hobby and after many years I decided to give it a go. I began by searching for my favorite model of my youth, the cars from The Munsters TV show and Movie. During my search I stumbled across Armorama and was surprised to see the fabulous models being created. Having a strong interest in WWII together with a challenge to create more realistic models, military vehicles now seemed a perfect match. My main interests are softskins, early armor and unique vehicles. I live in a small town so I buy most of my Modeling paraphernalia online, which also adds to my interest in the hobby.

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