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Hey everyone, hello from the Great White North eh! Actually we recently moved to a more moderate location in southern Alberta and are happy that most days during this the early part of our winter it has been fairly mild. I am writing this just 11 days before Christmas 2011. A little about me: I am the 4th son of a Korean war veteran, the fifth of 6 total. My dad served at Kapyong with the PPCLI. I always thought I would follow in his footsteps as big as they were, but ended up only serving 3 years, sorting mail at various HQ's around the country. I enjoyed my " tour of duty" but got in at the wrong time and so did not wish to extend my time in past the first 3. My dad was a very accomplished modeler in his own right, specializing in Korean era Canadian armor and infantry. He was also very much into WW2 aircraft, and period figures of 54-mm scale many of which were white metal back in the day long before resin became more common. Myself, having grown up watching my dad's skillful use of scraps to super-detail soldiers started early on to scratch things together. I build mostly WW2 German armor, almost always in a diorama setting. I totally enjoy the challenges of building a story around a few key items I have made from plastic card and balsa wood! store bought stuff is okay, but costs a small fortune... so I try to manage my way around a stock cutter, evergreen plastic and lots of items from the dollar store! With some pre-planning and with the help of CA & some small clamps I think I manage quite nicely thank you very much. Having put my hobby on the back burner for 25+ years and just recently getting back into the thick of it with a very ambitious project I have quickly discovered the probable cause of my dad's rather abrupt withdrawal from the game so many years ago. Wow are 1/35 scale parts ever tiny when you wear trifocals!!! I am glad I never decided to build much at 48th scale! And Photo etch? lets just say I am starting very slowly with all of that. I am not afraid of it, just a little wary that's all.I am glad I was able to borrow a pair of surgical loops for a couple years when I was just getting back into the swing of things. They helped me out alot. Anyway, i have now begun to spend a bit more time Banging away at my one and only current project, yes you heard me... 1 project! It involves 2 fifty ton tanks, 1 having a major repair in progress, one slightly bombed out church complete with bell tower, measuring around 45 scale feet tall, 1 slightly taller deciduous tree handcrafted painstakingly from real twigs and roots, complete interior in the church made from real wood as well and probably in the neighborhood of ten or fifteen soldiers milling around in various stages of exertion. Oh and did I mention the full scale Grand Piano? And the communications centre set up in the back of the church? No wonder I have been at this for the better part of five winters!!! In my defense I would point out that there were 3 major moves, two to different cities, the loss of one child and the adoption of another in that time frame and the start of a major promotion in my field of work which have all combined to bring a much higher level of commitment in my life and much less free time. Thank the LORD for the off season... Anyway, this is just my first step in my process of becoming more involved with this site. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing the many forum posts and features the past few years, and have had the privilege of seeing some of the fine work displayed here and in some of the major publications up close and personal while I attended meetings of the Edmonton chapter of the IPMS. My hope is to complete my project, entitled " Sunday Service Canceled " in time for this coming Rocky Mountain Model Competition in Nanton, Alberta in 2012. Wish me luck!

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