New South Wales, Australia

Occupation: Signage
Interests: Baseball, Mustangs, family and Rugby League
Username: clayocker


About clayocker
Why do I build? I suspect it all started with Lego. I have often asked myself what it is I enjoy so much about modelling but the answer eludes me to this day. I love the possibility of creating a life in miniature or telling a story. The ability to capture a moment in time. The ability to add the little details in the subject that make all the difference. The 'essential non essentials'. I love the lessons learned during every build. The history of the machines and the stories of the soldiers that fought in them. A new product or technique. I love the fact the hobby can be so time consuming, frustrating and deflating but can deliver you such an amazing high and a sense of satisfaction only other modellers can know. I am an enthusiast, passionate about the hobby and the subjects it is based around. I am constantly learning, growing and refining my skills. I have created a site,, simply as a means of showcasing my work and being able to share it with others. What a great time to be alive and involved in this magnificent hobby of ours.

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