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I've been modelling ever since I rec'd a snap-tite Rhinocerous model kit when I was five. I was heavy into dimestore aircraft (remember $.75 1/72 aircraft?) and got into Tamiya 1/35 as a teenager. After college, I invested into good tools and references and poured myself into highly detailed 1/72 Luftwaffe and other Axis aircraft. At an IPMS swap meet in 1995, I saw the Tamiya 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV Lang and I've been re-addicted to 1/35 armor ever since. I think I was at the dawn of Internet modelling resources (remember rec.models.scale?) and I can say that sites like Armorama have made my modelling much more enjoyable. I moderate the Allied WW2 forum here but I'm a contributor at many other sites. I'm mostly into WW2 Allied subjects, artillery and some German themes. Post war US armor is beginning to really interest me as well.

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