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I joined the Army in June of 1975, a couple of months after our embassy closed in Saigon. Then came the Mayaguez Incident. That really ruffled my feathers, so I went into tanks thinking I could do the most damage to the bad guys with a giant gun. I trained on both the M60A1 and M551, but after AIT I was sent to the A1 and that was the last I saw of the Sheridan. Anyway, at the time of my enlistment I was also a photographer and scale modeler. I was in hog heaven. Not only did I get to move, shoot and communicate, I also got to take pictures of it all. After I got out in Jun 79, the photos and slides went into storage as life move on. Every now and then I'd show my kids what Dad did in the Army, or others, but for the most part they sat idle. And then I came across this website. Other tankers speaking a language I had all but forgotten, in a time frame forty years distant. Excellent. Those pictures are now scattered across the coffee table and AFV's M60A1 kit is underway. God bless.

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