Ticino, Switzerland

Occupation: actor-director
Interests: literature history classical music film music (orchestral & jazz) movies (war, sci-fi, western) space exploration astronomy
Username: jlpicard


About jlpicard
I am a stage actor / director / producer and now, also writer. I have been involved in this business for over thirty years now and my passion has remained firm as the day I started. I am also a history scholar and website designer. I have a very creative mind, with a vivid and broad imagination. A useful trait when one works in and for the entertainment industry. My main passions are classic literature, movies (as long as they are well made and have a message to send), music (all forms, as long as it is bearable to the ear and has either a nice melody to it or a good form of rhythm - in the classical form, it is the performance and the performer that counts). I have a keen interest in the last eight months of World War Two on the North-Western front of Europe, since it is still veiled with a lot of contradictions, omissions and myths. I am also interested in Science Fiction, as long as it sticks to Science Fact, or at least attempts to do so. Having been born in the midst of the developing modern Space Age, in the mid-fifties, I am also constantly turned with my nose up to watch the Universe and ponder when the next step in our evolution as space farers will see the day. This, in short, is what and who I am. It needs one to know one. Expect me when you see me.