No Regional Selection, Sri Lanka

Occupation: Creative Director
Interests: Writing, painting, military history, infantry weapons -- particularly sniper rifles & optics
Username: spooky6


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My background is ex-Sri Lanka Army (infantry), and I am now an advertising art director, and parttime writer. I am a military history buff, and am specifically interested in the 20th Century to the present. I am primarily a fig modeller, concentrating on 1/16 because I love all the extra details available at this scale. Weathering is the favourite part of my build, and large scale makes it even more enjoyable. I never really departed from from the hobby which I started as a kid, though it waned in my late teens and early twenties, mostly because of lack of accessibility in Sri Lanka (where I was born and lived most of my life). I got seriously into it again 1998, and into figs in 2001. My modelling equipment has been pretty basic (what the hell's a pin vice?), but I am now discovering the joys of more advanced stuff like PE.

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