IPMS Open Sweden 2008

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On Saturday and Sunday, the 5th/6th of April, IPMS Sweden held their annual ”Open” in Solna, located on the north-side of Stockholm. 102 modellers enetered 335 models, which were in turn, divided into 33 respective classes.

The quantity of models may have been down, but the quality was as high as normal, if not higher. Winners in respective categories at this competition, usually fare well in the bigger competitions abroad such as Euromilitaire, Telford, etc. Best of show was awarded to Johan Fohlin´s excellent "Kampfgruppe Saalbach" (Silver medal winner – Euromilitaire 2007), a Sd.Kfz 250/9 of SS Nordland, set in Latvia 1944.

Congratulations to all prize winners and indeed, all competitors. There has been much talk afterwards about the high standards and the pains judges have to endure to select a winner from so many quality entries. Sten Ekedahl who has been a judge for 25 years and one of the original team who brought forward the current score system, commented how the standards have increased and continue to increase with each year. He believes that winners 25 years ago (apart from exceptions), would not have a hope of winning today, whereas those that don´t take a prize today would have every chance of winning in those early years. A little condolence for those travelling home empty-handed, maybe?

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