Befehls Panther Ausf.G Späte (IR)

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The Sd.kfz 171 Panther was the best German all-around tank in World War II. It combined good maneuverability, armor protection and excellent firepower. It was designed by M.A.N. in early spring 1942. Production started in late 1942 and lasted almost till the end of the war. Around 6000 vehicles were produced. The operational history of the Panther started during the Operation Zitadelle and the Battle of Kursk. It ended only with the final shots of World War II. This build represents a hypothetical command Panther ausf G equipped with the FG 1250 Infra Red gear, additional anti aircraft armor and steel road wheels. A mix of features seen separately on different Panthers but never unified on a single vehicle.

For this build I logically chose the Dragon #6370 Panther G with Steel Road Wheels kit. As the kit doesn't include any extras I intended to use I was obliged to use some specific after-market accessories. Two Voyager Model sets: Anti Aircraft plates on the turret (PEA 065) and the IR set come from (PEA 072). A Griffon Model set (L35A001) was used for the armored plates on the engine deck. The accessories for the command version - antennas and their mounts, were from Armorscale Command Vehicle set AS S35-006. Furthermore, RB Model aluminum Barrel and Eureka XXL towing cables were used to replace the kit's parts.

  • DML #6370 Panther G Late with Steel Road Wheels - Voyager IR set PEA 072
  • Voyager Anti Aircraft plates for Panther PEA 065
  • Griffon Anti Aircraft plates for Panther G L35A001
  • Armorscale German Command Vehicle set AS S35-006
  • EUREKA XXL Towing cables
  • RB Model Panther G barrel

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I am pleased you approve of the edit Pawel.
NOV 17, 2010 - 05:30 AM
great job buddy, very subtle finish
NOV 20, 2010 - 08:51 PM
Thank you Cris
NOV 23, 2010 - 11:27 PM
Hi Pawel That's a very nice panther! Just can't get enough of those beautiful kitty's. A question though, was the exstra top-armour a field modyfication, or was it done in the factory? I have a set myself, and I wonder, if it's official factory work, shouldn't it be painted like the rest of the vehicle? On the other hand, it looks so much cooler, in rotoxid..... Best regards Jacob
NOV 24, 2010 - 01:52 AM
Hi Jacob, thank you for your comments. About the extra armour. I think it is a field modification. I've checked the Jentz's book and the only information I found is on the very end of the book just before the Panther F section. Modifications to be done by troops starting from December 44 from pieces of schurzen (it would work for the rear armour but not for the big one on the top of the turret) My issue is that the very few pictures I found show Panthers with zimmerit coating (zimmerit was stooped in September 1944 and in december/ january most of the vehicle would be without zimmerit). It's a pitty Herbert Hackerman is not here any more he would have helped. The story of this extra armor is not clear for me. spit
NOV 24, 2010 - 08:50 PM
Pawel You're so right about Herbert, he would probably know a thing or two. Anyway, I think I've seen some pictures of Panthers w. zimmerit AND this kind of add on armor. And I also think youre right about it being fieldmodification. Jacob
NOV 25, 2010 - 04:03 AM
Great work there !! I was already planning to get some of the upgrades. Now I'm really inspired by your Panther. Amazing job on the whole build, painting, weathering, AM parts... I'm speechless !!!
DEC 06, 2010 - 01:10 PM
Thanks Nito
DEC 08, 2010 - 09:44 AM
Pawal, This is possibly the best Panther I've ever seen. I have one question though, what is going on with the hull machine gun place? I've never noticed that on another kit before. MS
JUN 22, 2011 - 02:06 PM
Thank you Mark for the credit. Well, the plug on the front is something quite well known on Panthers. I think most often it was lost during the service but there are photos of it hanging beside more rarely in place. BTW the same plug was used on Tiger II but I've seen only one picture on 300 I have with this... interesting. Brian, thanks for your comments. I'm not a Panther specialist and never bothered to do a this or other factory Panther. However your comments are valuable and will take them under consideration doing another Panther another Time. This specific Panther was as S-F Panther from the very beginning and I stated it on the beginning of my blog here on armorama (quite a moment before). Thanks for the pictures.. I didn't know the first. It's really a beauty. The second is also very pretty I think I have one or two more of the same tank. thank you both spit
JUN 22, 2011 - 08:08 PM