This vignette uses Tamiya's old KV-2 as the central feature. The KV is built out of the box, with a few modifications to add some variety. This is a good little kit that builds quickly and fits fairly well, however some clean up is required for injector pin marks, and the motor holes in the lower hull need to be filled.
The theme of the scene captures a moment in time where two passing German troopers look over a KV-2 that has been knocked out by artillery fire, and long since abandoned. The blast damage depicted on the model is loosely based on an actual pic of a knocked out KV-2, especially the look of the rolled out/ruined track.
The blast-damaged area was a bit of stinker to model. Heat applied to the plastic and some snipping here and there provide the damage. Puncture marks to the fenders and side hull come from a small heated screwdriver and pin. Several of the bogies have been pushed out of line to show the force of the explosion.

  • KV2_Complete_Full_Front_Dio_View
  • KV2_Complete_Nose_On_View
  • KV2_Complete_Ovhd_View
  • KV2_Complete_Rear_Turret_Door
  • KV2_Complete_Rear_End
  • KV2_Complete_Tarp
  • KV2_Complete_Turret_Side_Close_Up
  • KV2_Good_Side_View
  • KV-2_Damage_Close_Up

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