Making the Emhar 1/35 Mk.1A Whippet

Hey, after posting pictures of my latest model, the Emhar 1/35 Whippet with base people asked me to write an article about it.
So in a few simple steps I'm going to explain how this little dio came about, if I forget something I hope the pictures will do the rest of the talking !
It was my intention of building this kit OOTB and make a base that would have a minimum cost.

The Emhar kit 1/35


-a piece of wood for the lower part of the base+something to varnish it
-isolation foam to achieve the 3D effect
-some nature products like moss
-Heki grass
-pili-pili for the leaves
-white glue, plaster, stones, sifted sand from the garden...
-Humbroll paint and oil paint for the weathering, MIG pigments...
-important: clear varnish for the wet mud
-my special private homemade nameplate (piece of raw rusted metal)
- and all the normal modelling equipment and the things I forgot to mention :-)
and at last, a clear mind, patience and a second model to work on while things dry :-)

Step 1 : Building the Emhar kit

This was the easiest kit I've ever build, it only took me 4 hours to get it together. Only difficult part were the tracks (flexible rubbery things in 3 pieces on each side) which had to be put in place using Cyanoacrylate glue.

Only bad remark on this kit was that the plastic was to thick and uneasy to handle The gun barrels needed to be drilled out to make the holes. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of this process.

Step 2 : Painting the build model
I tried some post-shading on this model to give it a nice worn look. I sprayed the model with a dark green (Humbroll n 30) and then lightened it up with some lighter shades of the same green. For this lighter shades I used Humbroll 121 and a light beige , never use plain white as you'll end up with an ugly grey!

  • The next step was spraying the sides of the panels with the same green mixed with Humbroll brown n 170.
  • The lower part of the tank was sprayed entirely with this mixture because I wanted a very dirty look.
  • The tracks were painted in a mixture of several light browns, all Humbroll.
  • This last step was done by hand which I felt was easier than masking off
  • The decals were put into place using set and sol.
  • The red and white markings were hand painted.
    Step 3 : Filters/washes and further weathering

    Firstly I gave the whole tank except the tracks a filter of matt blue to bring out the green. A filter is a very light wash, in the beginning hardly visible but very effective in the end ! IMPORTANT : I applied this filter and all other washes with the aid of a hairdryer to avoid those nasty drying marks !!!!!

    Secondly the centre of the panels received a filter of Humbroll Pale Stone n 121. The sides of the panels received a filter of Humbroll Matt Orange. Again these filters are hardly visible but they do add more depth in your model in the end !!! It is better to apply 3 fine filters than 1 heavy one, let me remind that these filters are not the same to a wash. Also I used odour-reduced White Spirit as for me it's the best way for making washes and filters if you use Humbroll or oil-paints.

    Once the filters dried for about 48 hours I started with the washes. I did one part at a time with on my side the hairdryer to keep absolutely in control of the wash. I used oil paints from a good brand with ultra fine pigments. the names of the colours used for the wash were Raw Umber (with a touch of black and a rust colour of choice) I learned that by adding some MIG pigments you reduce the shine after the wash has dried. The bolts received pin-washes, for this step I mixed more pigments in the wash (Europe Dust) for that dusty look around the bolts.

    The tracks were washed in the same way but with several pigments in the wash. I used MIG's Europe Dust, Dark Mud and Light Rust. Try to variate as much as possible ! At the end I rubbed the raised parts of the tracks with graphite. These last steps are hardly visible once the whole model is finished but hey it's the thought that counts :-)

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    About Vanderboer

    Hi I'm Dominique and I mostly do German Armour because they have the most interesting subjects, recently I discovered using PE and I got very interested in making groundworks ! cheers Dominique


    I sure do like it! Cool article, even cooler tank and dio! Great work my friend Martin
    APR 14, 2005 - 06:17 AM
    Dude... that's awesome. I really like the ground work...and the position on the base truly emphasizes..the akward design of the vehicle. Great model and nice article! Later, Tim
    APR 14, 2005 - 11:29 AM
    Nice piece Dominique, well done. Hope to see the real thing soon. See ya, Peter
    APR 14, 2005 - 10:15 PM
    A well made and thought out piece
    APR 14, 2005 - 10:37 PM