Find Him; Dead or Alive

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Even though I've been an Armorama member since 2002, it took me three years to decide on enlisting in a campaign. Because of my interest to World War II Russian history and having some Russian kits in my stock, I decide to participate in the Seeing Red campaign.

I decided to make a Russian diorama representing Red Army Cossacks of Commander Melkinov in August 1943 near Zaporozhye, Ukraine. The idea was a rural diorama with a stone bridge over a small stream. I checked my stock and found out some Red Army figures and a Gaz-67 will be good choices for such a scene. The Russian figures were in search and destroy poses so it would be good to place them in dio depicting a German POW being tracked down. The vehicle shows how the squad traveled to the area and parked on the stonebridge to block the road. I thought a few Russian roadsigns on a telegraph pole and some vegetation on both sides of stream bed would be good details to add realism to my diorama.

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About Alguhan Akşar (wampum)

Born in 1973, Istanbul.I'm married and I have two lovely sons. As a son of a modeller I've built many aircraft models when I was just a little kid. Then by my father's suggestions I've built some sailing ships in large scales. Later my favorites were 1/35 dioramas, mostly WW2 German till I met the ...