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TAKOM C2 MEXAS tweak List
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Posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 04:58 AM UTC
C2 MEXAS TAKOM Tweak List:

Not for the faint of heart:

This tweak list is compiled from my firsthand knowledge as a C2 MEXAS crew commander. I commanded all four different types of deployed C2 MEXAS during the hardest fighting any of the Canadian Tank squadrons faced throughout the whole deployment of the tanks in combat operations from late December 2006 until July 2011. On my tour with the combat deployed C2 MEXAS tank squadron from mid-February till mid-September we lost 26 Canadians the most of any rotation while conducting combat operations.

Timeline of changes for the C-2 MEXAS:

- Late August early September 2006 17 Leopard 1 C-2 tanks designated as deployable and work to repair and refit starts.
Once complete MEXAS armour installed on the Leopards, Ballard hooks installed for transport.
- September 29, 2006 the Leopards are shipped via transport plan to Kandahar airfield.
- October 3, 2006 The Tank assistant team goes through each tank and confirms that they are ready to go. Oct 10, B-SQN advance party arrives at KAF.
- November 2006 most of the tank squadron have been deployed and have taken over their tanks and start to prepare them for combat operations. Live fire and tactical exercises are completed in and around the Kandahar airfield.
- December 3, 2006 the tank squadron deployed to the forward operating base ( Mas’um Ghar) to conduct operations in support to the Infantry battle groups.
- January 2007 the front sand shields are attached to help cut down on dust washing over the turret while on the move. Constructed of rubber matting and sheet metal.
- February 2007 the modification for the Thales electric counter measure (ECM) is fitted, just behind the loaders area. A SQN Strathcona’s start to arrive 18 Feb for handover.
- March 2007 all troop warrant call signs fitted with mine roller attachment adapter.
- April 2007 News of the new Leopard 2 A6M fleet coming to the Afghanistan.
- May 2007 All Leopards received new radiators while stationed at the FOB. June 2007 mid-June starting with call sign 13B the thermal cover and cooling units are starting to be added. Each Leopard was shipped back to Kandahar airfield for refit.
- July 2007 modification for the Saab barracuda crew umbrella fitted to call sign 13A. End July last call signs were fitted with thermal covers and cooling units. Crews were wearing cooling suits to keep their body core temperature down in the Leopards. Average temps were in the 50 degrees area, plus inside the turret would be 5/10 degrees warmer. C2 MEXAS plough and Dozer tanks have new MEXAS armour added to the front area due to frontal threats.
- August 2007 New fleet of Leo 2A6M’s start to arrive at KAF.
- September 10, 2007 A SQN Strathcona’s start handover with C-SQN Strathcona’s.
- October 2007, SAAB Barracuda umbrellas installed on C2 MEXAS turrets
- September 2007 until July 2011 the C-2 MEXAS soldiered on right next to the two other versions of Leopard 2’s that Canada fielded. At the end of combat operations, all Leopards were brought home, a C-2 CFR 78-85139 was the last Canadian Leopard to leave KAF.
- 2008 mine protection added to the bottom of the hull, 72 hours of welding.

These are the real list and timeline of Modifications completed to the C2 MEXAS, no real modifications were completed after these dates, as the Canadian Tank squadron started to us the new Leopard 2A6M.

Now the kit built out of the box, will not represent a true combat deployed version. Here is the tweak list required to update the kit. The kit will represent either the Squadron/ Troop commanders & troop Warrant officers tank. The other C2 MEXAS in the troop of four were mounted with a armoured dozer and track wide mine plough.

TAKOM Tweak List:

1) The MRS (muzzle reference sensor) located on the tip of the barrel is was too small and is the wrong size. Should be 50% bigger.
2) The canvas mantlet cover is incorrect for a C2 version, should have Velcro panels for the maintainers to work on the mantlet. The mantlet sim-fire plate should be 25% larger and add l shaped brackets.
3) The Commanders TRP sight cover is small, will need to be 25% larger. The TRP rubber seals require to be spit apart to look like two flat rings.
4) Leopard turret top should have a coat of anti-skid added.
5) The MEXAS armour side panel attachment pads (pucks) are not correct, the bottom rear ones should be tear drop shaped. The front pads should have additional ladder type brackets .And with the MEXAS armour removed you should see the attachment mount that would be fitted to the turret (metal ladder bolted onto the turret side, to swing the armour away from turret for engine maintenance )
6) Top steel plate fitted on top of the MEXAS armour should have a coat of scale anti-skid.
7) Smoke grenade launchers missing chain for caps and launcher wiring.
8) Side bore brush bin and signals wire container on the left rear of the turret right behind the loaders side. Not all C2 MEXAS had them added.
9) The crew commander’s area has the wrong number of episcopes, missing one. Both turret hatches are missing combat lock hinges.
10) The left hand armoured plate that mounts the bore brush and signals wire container, needs to be removed and replaced by the field modified armoured plate to protect the Thales electric counter measures unit. The ECM unit is missing as well.
11) The antenna mounting units (AMU’s) are not the correct type, will need to be replaced.
12) Missing flag post mounts left and right sides by the AMU’s.
13) The GPS antenna mount is wrong and will require to be modified.
14) Rear back bin, will require a coat of scale anti-skid on the top cover.
15) Right rear back bin stowage lid, should have a red air recognition panel attached to it. Standard on all deployed C2 MEXAS.
16) Missing the antenna bag under the back bin (not all had them mounted)
17) Supplied Jerry cans are incorrect shape.
18) The road wheels require back plate, and the hubs are the wrong shape.
19) The divers armoured cover for the episcopes require the wiper cable.
20) Missing the fording plug posts on left side of upper front hull.
21) Missing headlight cables.
22) The tow cables hull attachment points are way too thick, PE would fix this problem.
23) The rear driver’s tool box is missing the locking chain and stowage bracket and hinges are incorrect.
24) The rear track adjustor tool mounted on the rear deck to wrong. We operated with a modified type due to the Mexas side armour. And was never mounted there.
25) The gun crutch or travel lock is undersized by 25 %.
26) Tank telephone handle will require to be replaced as they are very noticeably L angled.
27) Will have to drill out gun crutch spare position brackets.
28) Missing rear side skirt half-moon brackets on both sides of the rear hull.
29) Mexas hull armour attachment bolts should be hex bolts, not round.
30) The C6 mount requires a gun travel lock, and not all had the MG version. The barrel is missing the barrel handle mount.


The only set of markings on the sheet that are correct are the ones for SHQ. The other marking are for a combat deployed C2 MEXAS. The troop markings were applied in March/April 2007. The markings for 2nd troop are in correct for the kit. The rear marking are from my C2 MEXAS which was the Dozer tank, the tool box sticker. The Canadian Forces Registraion number just below the tool box is incorrect, it should read 78-58132. The markings for 3rd troop are incorrect; they never ever had the MEXAS side armour markings.

The barrel marking that have the Canadian Forces Registration last three are and Squadron names incorrect. By the time these C2 MEXAS entered into combat they were crewed by another tank squadron, almost all of these names were erased.

The maple leaf decals should have had two different types. There should have been added with another set with the leafs outlined in white.

Once again this list will address most questions on building an accurate version of the C2 MEXAS as deployed in combat. To build any particular C2 MEXAS that was deployed you will need to do your research as they looked all different. If more information is required in the way of photos and reference a copy of the Canadian Leopard Project DVD reference set of 2 DVD’s full of close to 3,400 photos and word documents that explain a complete working history of the C2 MEXAS as deployed in Afghanistan can be made available from myself.



Author of the Canadian Leopard project

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Posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 05:37 AM UTC
Hi Anthony.
Think many modellers will thank you for this valuable tweak list.Good of you to take the time to compile the list!!!.
Cheers from Richard
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Posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 05:55 AM UTC
Indeed, thank you Anthony. Got my Takom MEXAS yesterday and even with all these tweaks, it is still an impressive piece of kit! I can't wait to start on it... after my D9R!


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Alberta, Canada
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Posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 12:00 PM UTC
I just want to make sure anyone who builds this great looking kit, gets the facts right. Each C2 MEXAS looked different from one another. From the markings to crew stowage.

I have no problem with helping anyone who needs help with building a combat deployed C2 MEXAS version.

This list was done just from looking at the kit, my first hand knowledge and my personal reference.



Author Canadian Leopard Project
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Posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 01:05 PM UTC
thank you, Anthony, I may just have to invest in a kit, and maybe the Real Models update as well.

much appreciated.

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Alberta, Canada
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Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014 - 06:52 AM UTC
More C2 MEXAS info:
Leopard C-2 MEXAS Markings & Stowage

-All Leo’s carried standard ISAF marking of inverted “V”.
- Most had their CFR’s painted underneath the driver’s tool box .i.e. 78-85132.
- Most have the CFR’s last three on the left side of the thermal barrel cover.
- Some had tank names on the right side of the thermal cover.
- Some had black Maple Leafs on the parallax sight covers.
- Red / Orange panel marker on last turret bin behind the commander.
-Ack Ack C-6 7.62mm MG’s were different configurations, with the barrels and trigger mechanisms differ from tank to tank.
-Large Ballard hooks on the back, $600.00 a piece were placed on the rear. Some painted red the Ballard with the clevis pin painted forest green.
- End June early July the tanks had the cooling units placed on the tanks (Tan condoms). Cooling suits for all crew placed into tanks as well.
- All tanks had 4-camp cots, ½ water jerries or 2 fuel cans on the back decks. Cam-Net poles were stored on the side of the hull on top on the side tool boxes. Coolers were issued to the troops, various colours.
- End July all tanks with implements were up-armoured on the front glacis plate.
Troop Tasks
* Troop Leaders Tank standard fitted Mexas Armed Tank.
* A- Tanks were to be the Mine Roller tank.
* B- Tanks were the Dozer tank.
* C- Tank was the Plough Tank.

So if you want to model the kit OOB here are your choices:

19 CFR 78-85161 SQN Commanders Tank

-45’s marked on the Gunners sight cover with white duct tape
-117 Radio set antenna mounted behind the commander’s hatch area
-No barrel markings
-L/S Armour dented along the side, torn open like a can opener after run in with “jingle truck” on Highway 1.
-Amour sections taken out and repaired on L/S sections and around tool box.
-A.A. C-6 was fitted with coax type barrel and butterflies (SPADE GRIPS)
-Cam pole holders on L & R side of rear of vehicle.
-Shrapnel holes under thermal jacket, due to small arms fire mid-July.
-Fitted with tow chain for recovery of light vehicles.

19B CFR 78-85086 Battle Captain’s tank

-No barrel markings
-A.A. C-6 was fitted same as CFR 161.
-Mine Strike 25 May, L/S of tank. No hull penetrations and crew all ok.
Sent to KAF.
-Barrel switched with CFR 139, as that barrel was damaged by IED. 139’s barrel was placed on” 086” and was sliced into sections as a souvenir for SQN tank commanders.

16 CFR 78-85116 Operations Sgt Tank

- No barrel markings
- Mine roller attachments “BRA” put on in early May.
- Mine strike June fitted with rollers, no damage.
- Mine strike July 9th, hit a mine in river bed, not fitted with rollers and was damaged L/S front Blew track and armour off, no causalities.


11 CFR 78-85162 Troop Officers Tank

-1 White stripe barrel marking on barrels on all troop call signs, 2 inches past fume extractor.
-No drivers tool box cover L/S
-Reflectors on both sides of mud flaps.
-R/S armour warped due to contact with jingle truck.
-5th Aug IED strike, Howz-Madad , no injuries.
-Fume extractor dark olive green.
-PCM metal cover plain.

11A CFR 78-85083 Troop Warrant Officers Tank

-Roller bra put on March.
-083 CRF on R/S of thermal Cover, silver securing bands
-Reflectors L & R.
-L/S tool box cover missing, ARID –PAT rucksack cover secured around the cover.
-A.A. was a coax type, MG barrel with spade grips.
-PCM cover plain.


12 CFR 78-85134 Troop Officers Tank

-Troop barrel markings 2 white stripes, spaced every 2 inches, desert palm tree with” LSH” on all L/S back bins, Troop symbol on both side s of armour.
-ALL troop PCM covers with Bore brush & Cable bin.
-134 re-done in white paint on back CFR under driver’s tool box.
-Troop logo sprayed onto cooling unit mid-July.
-L/S mud flap missing, mid Aug other mud flap torn off.
-R/S cam pole holder only.
-L/S armour #4 sections dented.
-106 on L/S of thermal jacket in small #’s
-CDN flag taped underneath of barrel mid-July.
-Horse shoe wired onto front armour.
-A.A. Ground mount type with coax barrel and spade grips.

12A CFR 78-85050 Troop Warrant Officers Tank

-Maple leafs outlined in white on parallax covers.
-Barrel marking with green gun tape between the white markings.
-A few bullet splashes on turret.
-No reflectors on mud flaps.
-L/S armour strip cut in semi-circle near sprocket.
-No Roller Bra fitted, as 19 had the bra fitted and it was damaged, new one never showed up.
-A.A. coax type with MG barrel, coax trigger with spade grips.
-R/S mud flap torn in half.

3rd Troop A-SQN (No troop markings)

13 CFR 78-85160 Troop Officers Tank

-Troop barrel marking 3 white stripes spaced every 2 inches.
-Both front fenders dented and half only.
-L/S tool box missing cover.
-No reflectors.
-PCM cover with bore and sigs bins.
-A.A. ground mount, coax trigger with spade grips.

13A CFR 78-85159 Troop Warrant Officers Tank

-Modification for failed umbrella mount between two top crew hatches.
-Voodoo symbol on gun mantlet.
-L/S front fender only .
-No reflectors
-L/S mud flap missing
-PCM cover with bore and sigs bins
-A.A. ground mount, coax barrel and trigger with spade grips.

These are your choice as a kit built out of the box up to early February 2007, when the Thales counter measures was then mounted.

As you can see even with this list there will be some work needed to be done.

The above information taken from C2 MEXAS DVD reference set.


Canadian Leopard Project

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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 01:40 PM UTC
Here is the info on the Operational stock (OP Stock) C2 MEXAS, that can be modeled as well.

The Canadian tank squadron had two other C2 MEXAS that at first were kept at the Kandahar airfield, until we started to have some tanks break down. These two spare Panzers were brought forward and were used to replace the down tanks. Here is the info for these two spare tanks:

OP STOCK CFR 78-85111

-No barrel markings
-ACK ACK was an MG version.
-Both reflectors on back mud flaps.
-Became new 19B(Battle Captains) after tank was beyond repair due to mine strike.

OP STOCK CFR 78-85139

-No barrel markings
-117 Radio mount behind commanders hatch area.
-IED strike July 9th , minor damage to loaders A.A. mount, and barrel damaged. CFR 086’s barrel replaced damaged one.
-Tank had turret swap in Edmonton and has CFR’s 85152 turret on.
-Barrel re-confirmed Aug 4th.
-Power pack pulled given to sqn commanders tank, became flower pot for a few days.
- MEXAS Armour repaired with sheet metal, filled and welded.
-Thermal shroud has 072 on the R/S.
-L/S mud flap missing.
-PCM metal cover with mounts only, no bore brush bin or cable reel holder.
-No reflectors on Mud Flaps.

These two spare C2 MEXAS were used as replacements for any troops that might have needed that extra tank.


Canadian Leopard project