Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Retired Panzer Commander
Username: recceboy


About recceboy
Served with the Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) for 26 years. Was chief gunnery instructor on the Lav-Recce (Coyote), Lav-3, Leopard C-2 / Leopard 2. And various small arms from pistol to .50 cal. and 84mm . Have been working behind the scenes with REALMODELS, BLACKDOG, MENG,LEGEND,HOBBY BOSS/TRUMPETER ,TRACKPAD PUBLISHING and a few other companies in producing modern Canadian kits as a tech advisor and or a photographer to many others. Co Authored: LAV-3 in Afghanistan, C-2 MEXAS in Afghanistan and up coming Leo 2 CDN Photo Assistant books, with more in the pipe. Authored the Canadian Leopard Series, Canadian Wheeled Series, Canadian Light tracked ,COLD WAR Tanks Series DVD reference sets.

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