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Canadian RaM Mk II
Canadian Ram Mk2
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by: Anthony Sewards [ RECCEBOY ]


The Tank, Cruiser, Ram was a Canadian built cruiser tank designed and based on the U.S. M3 Medium tank during WW 2. Due to standardization on the American Sherman tank for frontline units, it was used exclusively for training purposes and was never used in combat as a gun tank. The chassis was used for several other combat roles however, such as a flamethrower tank (Badger), observation post(Ram OP/Command), and armoured personnel carrier (Ram Kangaroo) .There were a few other models, converted from surplus RAM Chassis.

A prototype Ram was completed in June 1941, with general production started. The Ram I and early Ram IIs were fitted with side doors in the hull and an auxiliary machine gun turret in the front. The former weakened the hull and complicated production, and the doors and the machine gun turret were discarded in later modifications. By February 1942, production had switched to the Ram II model with a 6-pounder gun and continued until July 1943. By July 1943 1,948 vehicles, plus 84 artillery observation post (OP) vehicles, had been completed.


1 Resin upper hull
1 Resin turret
2 resin set of fenders
2 Resin early air cleaners
1 M3 Lee MG turret and hatches
1 Rear stowage bin
Resin 6 pounder barrel and .30 cal barrel sleeve
1 Resin sprue with headlights, episcope guard, and funnel
2 round styrene pieces

The resin conversion kit is geared for the Academy M3 Lee/Grant kit with the early type lower hull and chassis .The resin hull detail is very crisp, with great looking details. There will be some minor clean up on some of the parts that are with the conversion kit.

The turret casting looks the part with the crisp rough cast detail as seen on the production RAM turret and the great looking bolted on front gun mantlet for the 6 pounder gun.


Great resin conversion kit for anyone looking at building a Canadian produced RAM tank and is highly recommended .The kit is a welcome addition to the collection, was ordered from Friendship Models and in the mail box in under a week, great fast service. Although listed as an early, the kit would be more of a mid-production series. A great reference on the RAM, is available from Service Productions "Canada's Pride - the Ram Tank and its Variants" by Roger Lucy.

Highs: Easy to follow photo instructions, crisp detailed Resin parts.
Lows: The front fenders appear a little on the thick side, but this is a small point.
Verdict: An excellent Resin conversion kit that can represent a RAM in service during training operations, or converted to any version that had seen action in North West Europe, and post war service with the Netherlands.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID:  WVC35002
  Suggested Retail: 32.00
  Related Link: Friendship Models link
  PUBLISHED: Nov 27, 2016

About Anthony Sewards (recceboy)

Served with the Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) for 26 years. Was chief gunnery instructor on the Lav-Recce (Coyote), Lav-3, Leopard C-2 / Leopard 2. And various small arms from pistol to .50 cal. and 84mm . Have been working behind the scenes with REALMODELS, BLACKDOG, MENG,LEGEND,HOBBY ...

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Finally another possible kit build of the Canadian Ram tank. Standardization brought us the Sherman, but I wonder how the Ram might have made out if it had ever been fielded in numbers. As it was I understand they were only used for training.
NOV 27, 2016 - 08:49 AM
I don't think I like Friendship's interpretation of the hull side bulges -- at least from the photos I'm looking over. I'm also concerned about that gun tube's straightness too. Anthony: most of the other previous resin kits have some dimensional faults. Have you had a chance to go over general shape and design as compared to a good set of drawings? Thnx
NOV 27, 2016 - 09:52 AM
The hull went through quite a few changes during production, the side bulges are an easy fix, after market new gun tube is also another quick fix. I compared other manufacturers hulls and this hull looks pretty accurate ,plus they also make a RAM Kangaroo kit, using the same hull. Anthony
NOV 27, 2016 - 11:59 AM
Wee is offering very nice figures but true, shaping a hull like the Ram's one could be another matter... any way it is an interesting offer even if I will go on with the beautiful Formations conversion for a Ram II OP (F062) I was lucky enough to got few year ago. Mtbk
NOV 27, 2016 - 12:43 PM

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