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Tatra 813 vs 152mm Dana
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Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 08:01 AM UTC
I am no expert in eastern military equipment, however I did buy a MMK Tatra 813 and P50/80 in resin in scale 1/35 some years ago and put them into storage. The frame and chassis of Tatra 813 is very complex and from the quality I got with the kit would require a lot of surgery, which is the reason for not starting on this kit. When comparing 152mm DANA and Tatra 813 regarding the chassis and framework, would the Hobby Boss DANA kit with some tolerance and some shortening of the frame be a donor for the frame and axles of the chassis of the Tatra 813? I looked into scale drawings of both showing the frame/axles/suspension and it seems that this idea might work. I am sure that some detail would be different, but I would accept if the outer look of the shortened chassis would be ok to be a base for the resin drivers cab/details/load bay. I am not a rivet counter though-but it would be nice to get this model done without all the surgery to the resin chassis parts.

Thank you very much for your comments!
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Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 01:26 PM UTC
I'm not sure if you can easily exchange the MMK chassis for the DANA one. I used the kits main frame and built up a new support frame. It worked pretty well and if you're interested you can watch my built following this link:


And finished model:


I don't know how far you are with yours, but I can only advise you: bring patience to that build...