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Some new decals are available now from Bison Decals that will help you re-create the US entry into Africa.
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The latest news from Bison Decals in 1/72 scale is a new set of decal for a former Eastern Bloc use of Soviet equipment.
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News in from Bison Decals has quite a few new sets, with a couple of reprints. This release has a good looking mix including some 1968 Czech markings, with some World War 2 Finnish, German, and Russian.
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It has been sometime, but we are happy to report on some new decals now available from Bison Decals.
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Armorama has been informed of two new releases of Bison Decals, and should make IDF fans happy.
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It has been a few months, but Bison Decals has some new markings for you Tiger fans and for you Pershing fans.
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Bison Decals have updated their catalogue already with a selection of decals for Modern, World War Two Allied, and World War Two Axis.
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Bison Decals have just announced, in 1/35th Scale, an impressive range of NEW Sheets. Also announced and very welcome are Re-Issues of some of their earlier and most sought-after sets.
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New releases from Bison Decals and, equally welcome, a batch of re-released (and re-worked) sheets. All are 1/35th scale.
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Bison Decals have announced a series of New releases along with a batch of reprints of some of their most-popular (and sought after) previous releases.
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Sometimes, there are times when a Reprint (or occasionally a Re-Pop) can be VERY good news indeed. This announcement from Bison Decals is definitely one of them.
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For armor modelers, what could be better than a decal manufacturer connecting their releases with those of a publisher. This process is continuing with Bison Decals in colllaboration with the Australian Publishing house, Firefly Collections
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Johan Lexell, of Bison Decals, has just sent us details of the latest releases from the company.
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Bison Decals have just announced a series of New Releases which should offer some fresh looks at some old subjects...
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Bison-Decals have announced the release of new 1/35 and 1/72 scale decals for a diverse range of subjects plus the reprinting of some old favourites.

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Bison Decals have released sets to match specific tanks detailed in the just released Firefly Book's "Under the Gun: Panzers in the Bocage."
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Bison Decals have announced no less than 12 sets in various scales and sizes including Chinese and Cuban Armour.

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Bison Decals have just announced a series of New Decal Sheets in both 1/72nd & 1/35th Scales which cover a variety of popular subjects.
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Bison Decals have just informed us of their latest relases in 1/35th scale with an eighth sheet in 1/48th.
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Bison Decals have announced a large list of 1/35th decal sheets covering a variety of vehicles in a variety of theaters.
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Bison Decals have just announced a bumper crop of new Decal sheets.
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Rarely, has the decal manufacturer, Bison, offered such an ample list of new releases. South African, New Zealand and even Cuban vehicles figure amongst others in these new releases.
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Bison Decals have regularly featured in the news section here, however, this series of releases are very much along the lines of a slightly different 'departure' for them.
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Six new sets of Polish, French Indochina, Allied Sherman and Firefly decals in 1:35 and 1:48 scale are now available from Bison.
Bison Decals have just announced a series of very interesting and varied releases in 1/35th scale:
Bison Decals have just announced their first releases for 2007 with six new sets which cover a multitude of vehicle types, nationalities and historical periods...
Bison Decals have announced three new decal sheets of particular interest to those who model USMC vehicles...
Bison Decals have just announced three new decal sets, Two in 1/35th Scale and a Third in 1/72nd...
Three new and very interesting new 1/35th scale decal sheets from Bison Decals...
Next week a new batch of armour decals in both 1:35 and 1:72 will be available from Bison Decals.
It has been a month or two since we have had an update on the produts of that most interesting of decal manufacturers - BISON-DECALS., however, with this posting, Johan Lexell, the owner/operator of the company is helpfully keeping us informed...
Bison Decals is a company who has carved a niche for itself in the Armor Decal Market in a simple way - by being more imaginative than many of its competitors. These new sets come at exactly the right moment with the new DML & AFV Club 'Tiger Programs' well underway and modellers looking for something just a touch different....
Having just received the latest newsletter from Bison Decals, we are able to bring you news of their March releases and some future releases. All, are in 1/35th scale...
Bison Decals have announced their next three sheets - all in 1/35th scale and in a slight u-turn from previous releases, these are all German subjects...
Bison Decals have an enormous range of decal sheets in both 1/35th and in 1/72nd scale. The company also covers a wide range of subjects and periods - from WWII up to and including every conflict until Operation Iraqi Freedom and the peacekeeping operations in Kosovo.
Bison Decals have just announced a series of new releases in 1/35th Scale...
Bison Decals have announced a series of releases in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scale. Unusually, the majority of the decal sheets are for British Vehicles although they have an interesting range of new releases covering former Balkan states...