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AFV Club have kindly supplied us with images of a VERY long-awaited release in 1/35th scale.
2009 is sure to be a great year for quarter-scale fans. Those already familiar with the excellent 1/48th scale Tiger I kits from AFV Club will be happy to hear a 38cm Sturmtiger will be released in the new year.
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Alongside the British 17 pdr. and 20 pdr. brass ammunition sets, AFV Club is producing 6 pdr. ammo for its new Churchill Mk. III kit!
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Details of two (very different) releases from AFV Club have just been sent by the company.
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Another image update from AFV Club. Once again, images supplied by the company.
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We've just been sent images of what will probably be one of THE major releases of the year for Allied modelers - AFV Club's Churchill in 1/35th.
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No text but LOTS of images in this report...
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AFV Club have just sent us the first images of their (forthcoming) Churchill and their latest in the 251 Series.
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Back in July, we give the News of AFV Club's latest Stryker variant in 1/35th scale. Now, by way of an update, we present a series of images of the new kit:
Two new items from AFV club for July

AF35130 Stryker M1130 CV/TACP

AF35157 M151 RWS

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A few weeks ago, we ran the 'Test Shots' of AFV Club's Stryker in 1/35th scale. Now, the company have sent us a considerable amount of images to 'update' the story:
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The Sd. Kfz 251 series ran to four 'Ausfs' and some of these ran to 23 variants on the same chassis. One of the more impressive was the 251/17 - now the subject of a New, 1/35th scale kit from the Taiwanese manufacturer, AFV Club...
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All too often the manufacturers forget about all those 'ancillary' vehicles and trailers which can bring a vehicle or diorama to life. This NEW release (the first of two reports) from AFV Club should be very well-received indeed...
No less than three manufacturers have announced the Stryker (and some of its variants) in 1/35th scale. However, it looks as if AFV Club may well be first off the starting blocks!
This News Story is simply an attempt to get up to date with the announced releases - for those who may have missed them in the forums, from AFV Club at the Tokyo Hobby Show.
Just posted on their website, AFV Club and Hobby Fan have announced a series of new releases which should prove to be very useful indeed as 'add-ons' for 1/35th scale armor...
Sadly, AFV Club doesn't follow the policy of its competitors and tends to put little faith into announcements of forthcoming releases. The first we usually learn of these is when they appear on the pages of the on-line stores...
Sometimes (sadly) writing an AFV Club news story is a bit like writing a story from yesterday's newspaper. Regular users of the news forums will see some all-too familiar vehicles in their lists...
Although previously announced here and on other sites, we are now able to bring some good images of the imminent release of AFV Club's Flak 18...
Gathering information on AFV Club's new releases is not the easiest task in the world. Rather it is a series of clues that allow you, after weeks of 'hints' to finally post a news story. Unlike other companies, AFV Club does not have a website.. However I am confident that these new releases will live up to everyone's expectations...
Before starting, can I make it clear that there is no firm date for these releases - when they are released,or when more information becomes available I will update....
AFV Club released announced long time ago 1/35 scale model of German WW2 7.5 cm anti-tank gun: PaK 40.
AFV Club has just released two new products on Taiwanese market.
AFV Club has just released a few new products on Taiwanese market. They should be available in other parts of the world soon.
A month or so, I published the mouth-watering goodies that we can expect to see from AFV Club in the first quarter of 2004. Here are some more with a MAJOR surprise.....
I think of all the companies which have emerged in the last few years, few have captured the modeller's imagination as much as AFV Club.
Always innovative with subject matters that many of the 'big-boys' would never consider, the release list for early 2004 is impressive (as always)