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The new releases from the Czech manufacturer take two forms: the first are 're-releases' of some useful items such as ammo boxes ('Easy Line Range) and their usual releases,
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Plus Model have just sent us their latest list of New Releases.
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PlusModel have just announced their latest batch of figure and accessory releases.
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Plus Model have just sent us details of their latest release list.
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PlusModel have just announced their latest batch of 1/35th scale releases.
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PlusModel have just sent us images of their latest 1/35th Scale Vehicle release.
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Two NEW Diorama products haev just been announced by PlusModel.
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PlusModel, from the Czech Republic, have just announced their latest batch of releases.
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PlusModel have just sent us details of their latest 1/35th scale releases for Dioramas,
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New update sets have just been announced by the Czech manufacturer PlusModel.
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The Czech-manufacturer PlusModel have just sent us news of their latest and very varied batch of new releases.
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The latest release announcements have just arrived from the Czech manufacturer, PlusModel.
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The last releases from PlusModel concentrated on Diorama items in 1/35th scale - these latest announcements are a mixture of both Diorama and AFV-Related.
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The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel, have just sent us details of their latest releases.
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In Nuremberg, I spent some time talking to PlusModel and looking at their new releases - here they are.
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Every month, the Czech manufacturer, PlusModel surprise us with some highly innovative releases in 1/35th scale. This month is no exception.
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Every so often, the Czech manufacturer, PlusModel announces a complete kit. This is one of those occasions and a subject which is unlikely ever to be kitted by one of the injection-moulded manufacturers.
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The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel have announced a small, but interesting series of new releases:
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Every month or so, the Czech manufacture, PlusModel sends us details if their new releases and every month or so, it seems that the new relases are more interesting than the previous ones. Here are this month's new releases...
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The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel are continuing with an extremely interesting release program which seems to get more innovative every month:
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The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel have announced a series of highly original releases for the diorama builder AND a simple but useful update set for the Willys Jeep:
The Czech company, PlusModel have regularly featured in the News section on Armorama. The company produce a range of items - Diorama accessories, AFV Conversions and complete kits, These are the latest releases in 1/35th scale:
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel have announced three new releases - two complete 1/35th scale kits and a 1/48th scale diorama accesory:
The Czech model and AM manufacturer, PlusModel, have recently announced two, new, 1/35th scale releases
The Czech company, PlusModel has announced a selection of diorama releases in both 1/35th and 1/48th scales...
The Czech company, PlusModel, haven't been the subject of a news report for a while. In this the first of two reports, the subject is their latest/recent releases for Armor modellers...
PlusModel, of the Czech Republic, have just announced the release of three new Armor sets - a complete kit and two update/conversion sets in 1/35th scale.
One of the companies which hasn't featured much recently in the News Section, is Plus Model from the Czech Republic. This News story is a compilation of their latest and recent releases...
Once again the Czech company, Plus Model has announced some intriguing and original releases....
The Czech-Republic based company PlusModel have featured in these news pages a number of times, however, it is a few months since they released any new products. Now is the time for an update....
The Czech Republic is rapidly gaining a name amongst the modelling fraternity, for the plethora of model producers it has spawned in the last few years. Not least of which is PlusModel whose products are gaining a large number of adepts....
Plus Model - the Czech-Republic based manufacturer of resin diorama accessories and armor kits, has announced some very interesting new 1/35th scale releases.....
PlusModel is a Czech Republic based manufacturer of 1/35th scal resin kits, Armor accessories and Diorama items. Their latest releases are extremely attractive with a mixture of interesting subjects...
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There are four new items from Plus Model for October, a large farmhouse, an air conditioner unit and more.