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MIG Productions has announced several new accessories and figures in resin.
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MIG Production has added new figures to their catalogue, plus a Soviet boat and some 1/72 accessories for dioramas.
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New resin figures from MIG Productions, mostly for the Middle East.
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MIG Productions has released several new figures of different times and countries.
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The brand MIG Productions is back, with a new team and many products.
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Two new products to ease the decaling process have been announced by MIG Productions
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A couple new products on the way from Mig Productions, which will help you get stuck and be in the mud.
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Some great summer news from Mig Productions, a new effect and some useful washes to get the best of your build. Also a couple of new pigments that could be useful too.
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MIG Productions continue toad and release new pigments and filters to their range of products. This time around MIG Productions has released two new pigments and three new filters. Take a look inside for more details.
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MIG Productions is known for great details, well they have announced another great conversion, this time taking us into the the Iraqi desert with a popular tank.
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Mig Production have released two new figures to the market, One of the figures is modern the other World War Two vintage. Take a look inside for more details.
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Mig Productions haven't featured much on the News pages for a while now. Here though, is an Update on their latest release list.
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The team at Mig Productions send us news of their range of new releases for the month. The range includes a Pacific Sherman conversion, a new language version of their DVD, a Navy Seal figure, and various painting supplies.
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Mig Productions are to release a very welcome upgrade set for the Trumpeter T-62 model 1972.

The Kit features a full BDD Armour package and while it is labelled as a Taliban T-62 this kit represents a late T-62 used by Soviet Forces in Afghanistan and could find numerous uses for conversions of T-62M in Russian Federation use.
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MIG Productions announced a new figure as their December 2010 release:
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Once again an interesting batch of New and very varied releases from Mig Productions have been announced.
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Mig Productions bring us news of their new releases for July, including some interesting 1/72 subjects, WW2 Axis and Allied 1/35 kits, and new modelling pigments.

For the full Mig catalog please visit http://www.migproductions.com

Full press release from Mig below:
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Mig Productions have announced their latest releases.
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Mig Productions have just sent us details of their latest Releases in both 1/35th & 1/48th Scales.
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Another interesting batch of new releases has been announced by Mig Productions
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MIG productions have announced some new pigment sets as well as some interesting new figures and dio accessories.
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MIG productions have announced a new metallic pigment set as well as two interesting What If/Sci Fi kits in the form of Walking Tanks.

Although these are science fiction there is such an interest in What if/Post 1945 scenarios that I'm posting them in Armor News rather than SciFi.
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Mig Productions have just sent us details of their latest Releases.
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Here are the latest releases for Diorama modelers from Mig Productions
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Mig Productions have just sent us News of their latest releases
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Mig Productions have just sent us details of their latest batch of new releases.
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In what will be be their last (but certainly not the least) of this year's releases, Mig Productions have sent us details of a very varied release list.
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Here are the latest FIGURE releases in 1/35th scale from Mig Productions
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Two New AFV-related releases have just been announced by Mig Productions
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Mig Productions have just sent us advance details and images of their NEW releases.
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Some interesting Dio Accessories in 1/72 and 1/35 scale this month from MIG Productions.
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Mig has some useful releases this month including Etched bolt and rivet sets and Tarps for the Marder IIIH and the Opel Blitz.
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MIG productions have announced the latest release in their DVD series, Adam Wilder's Colour Modulation Technique.

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MIG Productions have announced the release of a Russian Scrounger from the Battle of Berlin, a Lebanese Tanker and a 1/10 scale bust of a Cantabrian Warrior.
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Mig Productions have just sent us details of a number of interesting new releases. 1/35th, 1/48th and new finishing materials & the first of their new DVDs are all included.
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The Nuremberg Trade Show was the platform chosen by Mig Productions to launch their latest release - a 58 minute DVD, the first in a series which deals with the always complex subject of using Pigments.
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Mig Productions have just sent us details and images of their latest releases.
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We've just been sent details of Mig Productions latest releases which apart from the products we have come to expect from this company, contain a number of new products which will truly help to make life just a little easier for the modeler.
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We have just received images and details of eight new releases from Mig Productions including 3 figure sets, a Rail Wagon, 3 1/35 armor accessory/conversion sets and a new filter set.
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The Spanish manufacturer, Mig Productions, have just announced their latest (an VERY varied) releases:
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Just received from 'Mig' Jimenez are images and details of the latest releases from Mig Productions:
Mig Productions should require little in the way of introduction - suffice to say that their new releases ALWAYS surprise. This month is cetainly NO exception!
Mig Productions has just announced that they are now producing their BRONEKATER patrol boat in the smaller 1/72nd scale...
In the third of this series of reports on new products from Mig Productions, the subject is diorama products - specifically two sets which will be of particular value to the modern diorama builder...
Just received from Mig Productions is their latest announcements of New armor (and related) releases. All are 1/35th scale...
In this, the first of four news stories, the first items under the spotlight are the new 1/35th scale figure productions from Mig Productions...
After an enforced 'lay-off' due to moving their factory, Mig Productions are now truly back in the 'rythmn' with some interesting new releases in both 1/35th and 1/48th scale...
Sometimes, those of us who have been around modelling for years tend to forget that there are many techniques which raise a blank look when they are mentioned - particularly for those new o the hobby. One such word is Filters. Many times on the forums, the question is asked, What are filters?....
In this, the third of today's new stories on Mig Productions new releases, the attention turns to Armor - wth inevitably, some surprises....
It has been two months since the last fantastic set of new releases from Spanish company MIG Productions. Once again MIG has succeeded in producing some very interesting releases, and once again they need to be summed up in two seperate news reports. This time, however, not between armour and figures... but rather naval (Warships) and everything else!