Monday, June 13, 2005 - 11:57 PM UTC
This is not the first story that I have run on the products of the Russian company, Miniarm. Previously, the stories have been about the availability of their products via ModelPoint U.S. who have been importing this highly attractive range....
Not entirely surprising, for a Russian company, the subjects covered by Miniarm are all Russian subjects. As a relatively recent 'Re-Convert' to Russian subjects I must amit that there is certain amount of inspiraion in presenting this story...

Two recent products are the subject of this story, both are for the T-34 and both, indicate an extraordinary level of casting and design...

The first (which is already available) is:

B35022 - T-34 Turret, (UVZ) N.Tagil, 1942, early type cast hexagonal turret

The second, which is a new release is:

B35023 - T-34 turret, (UVZ) N.Tagil 1942, turret with the sharp edges, hatches with the torsion shafts. New type armoring of the periscope sight.

As I mentioned earlier, ModelPoint U.S. carry the Miniarm range. A link to their website, can be seen below:

ModelPoint U.S.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or producers, to mention, that you saw their products here - on Armorama

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