Sunday, February 08, 2015 - 09:58 PM UTC
Tamiya has just announce a couple of "new" releases. A set of 1/35 WWI British Infantry and a 1/48 Panzer Aufs.H. Check it out!
Tamiya has two new (ish) sets coming out this spring. The first is a 1/48 Panzer Aufs H Late Production that will be available in March:

"The Panzer IV was one of the most feared weapons in WWII, and would serve German forces
throughout the conflict in the guise of a number of variants. The Ausf.H variant itself featured early,
middle and late production types, all of which were armed with a L/48 75mm gun and featured
“Schürzen” armor side skirts for greater protection. Late production Panzer IVs were identifiable by
their tracks: they lacked a center guide. Upper road wheels had their rubber tires removed and were
made into steel wheels, while the tank received cast metal idler wheels. 3,774 Ausf.H Panzer IVs were
produced between April 1943 and July 1944, and it was eventually succeeded by the Ausf.J.
The Tamiya model in 1/48 scale captures every detail and nuance of the real life subject thanks to
extensive research of the full size vehicle.
• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• The form of the late production Ausf.H is captured with extensive detail, including Schürzen side
• Features unique to the late production Ausf.H such as the auxiliary engine muffler and towing
pintle are faithfully recreated.
• Weights are included for installation in the lower hull to give the model an authentic weighty
feel when picked up.
• Includes 1 realistic commander figure.
• Comes with 2 marking options.
• For Zimmerit detail use Item 12661 to apply realistic surface textures."

Next up scheduled for an April release is a re-issue of the ICM set WWI British Infantry:

This is a model figure set of WWI British Infantry. The set can be used for interesting diorama scenes or
as a stand-alone model set.

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• Parts are a product of ICM, Ukraine.
• Features 4 infantry figures in action pose, depicting infantry from the second half of WWI, in
realistic uniform with standard-issue helmets.
• A huge array of accessories (34 types) is included to offer the modeler different assembly
combinations. They include parts depicting Lewis machine gun, Lee Enfield rifle Mk.III rifles,
Webley Mk.IV revolvers, grenades and much, much more!
• Makes a great accompaniment for Tamiya Item 30057 WWI British Tank Mk.IV Male and Item
35339 WWI British Infantry Set.

The British Infantry set has a MSRP of $26 while the Panzer has a MSRP of $33

You can fin out more info on this and other upcoming Tamiya release at their website here:

and their Facebook page here:

As always big thanks to our vendors for getting us this news and their continued effort to make our hobby better.

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It's a shame Tamiya just didn't do a whole new set of Infantry instead of using the ICM figs....There recent release of Brit Inf are excellent figures.!
FEB 09, 2015 - 11:07 AM
Those ICM figures must be pretty old - their newer series are MUCH better! No wonder ICM sold the molds (or whatever) to Tamiya!
FEB 10, 2015 - 12:23 AM

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