Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 10:13 PM UTC
Bronco Models has the 1/35th scale modeller in their sights with the announcement of 3 new models and a set of Sherman tracks. The WWII Russian Heavy Tank KV-122 is bound to be the biggest news of this announcement.
DUCKBILLS for US M4 Sherman Tank T48/T51/T54E1 Track Link

OQF Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Mk. I/III (British Army)&Gun Crew Set
The British Army purchased several Polish-built 40mm Bofors guns in 1937, designating them the Ordnance Quick Fire (OQF) 40mm MkI. Suitably impressed with this weapon, a production licence was acquired from Bofors and the gun was produced at Royal Ordnance factories in Britain. The gun was changed from metric to Imperial measurements, and several design improvements were made to facilitate mass production. This British built gun was designated the OQF 40mm MkIII, and became the standard light anti-aircraft gun of the British Army. It was designed to operate with the Kerrison Director, a mechanical analog computer which automatically laid the gun after simple calculations had been dialled in. A back-up sight ring and post, known as the "Pancake", was also provided, This was later used as the primary sight as the Kerrison proved too complicated to use in many situations and required constant fuel supplies for its electrical generator. In 1943 the Pancake sights were replaced by the Stiffkey sight which offered lead-correction, the sight was operated by an additional crew member. British guns were fitted with an armour shield to protect the crew from shell splinters and small arms fire. In British service the Bofors was usually towed by a 6x4 Morris tractor, later in the war the gun was mounted on a 4x4 Morris truck.

WWII Russian Heavy Tank KV-122
On June 22, 1942, Nazi Germany launched a blitzkrieg attack on the Soviet Russian, which started Russo-German War (known as the Great Patriotic War) during World War II. The Battle of Stalingrad became the turning point of World War II , the Russian began to turn to strategic counteroffensive, until the summer of 1943 broke out battle of tanks in kursk area. As this time the Soviet Union urgently needed more powerful tank to wishstand with Nazi’s division, so the Russian Central Design Bureau immediately adopted the KV-1S chassis, installation of new turret, this transition model is KV-85 heavy tank, as soon as possible in order to deploy heavy tanks to the front, Joseph Yakovlevich Kotin led the Central Design Bureau for KV-85 improved firepower , after some testing, and ultimately used with 122mm / D-25T gun, which is a prototype heavy tank KV-122, but not ratified this tank production, because the Soviets have developed another heavy tanks equipped with 122mm after the artillery program ---- is famous IS-2 heavy tank.

WWII US army M3A1 37mm anti-tank gun
The 37mm M3 anti-tank gun was the first weapon of this type to be manufactured in the United States. But as the US had no experience building such weapons, 2 German 3.7cm PaK 35/36 guns were acquired for evaluation in January 1937. During 1938 several guns and carriages were designed and tested, with the T10 gun with T5 carriage determined the best. These were redesignated as the 37mm M3 anti-tank gun and the first guns were delivered in early 1940. It was the standard anti-tank gun of the US Infantry Divisions and USMC. It was usually towed by a 4x4 1/4 ton Jeep or larger 3/4 ton Dodge truck.. The 37mm M3A1 had several modifications including provision for a muzzle brake, and entered service in March 1942. This was the main production model with over 10,000 built. This weapon served in Europe until mid-1943, when it was replaced by a copy of the British 6 Pounder. But in the Pacific the M3A1 served until the end of the war. The M3A1 firing M51 APC ammunition could penetrate 60mm of vertical armour plate at 1000 meters.
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The Kv 122 is pretty cool.
MAR 30, 2016 - 10:42 PM
The KV-122, beautiful tank! It's now on my to buy list.
MAR 30, 2016 - 10:46 PM
very cool subject matter; looks like a great addition to the 1/35 armor selections; one question; the text under the heading for the KV-122 says Germany invaded Russia June 22, 1942; guessing it's a typo as the correct year is 1941; otherwise great rundown of cool stuff
MAR 31, 2016 - 12:50 AM
I agree with all three, some good stuff from bronco, well received.
MAR 31, 2016 - 02:10 AM
I like all of them.
MAR 31, 2016 - 04:14 AM
Me, too. Just a few side comments regarding the US M3A1 37mm AT Gun. By and large, the US Army, (to their great chagrin), found that the M3A1 37mm AT Gun was entirely inadequate against German armor, except for Pz.Is and IIs, which were first encountered by US forces in North Africa. The greatest successes with the M3A1 AT Gun can be attributed to the USMC, which found that the 37mm AT Round could penetrate virtually ANY WWII Japanese armor, sometimes even passing through the entire vehicle, and out the other side! The M3A1 enjoyed great success as an Anti-personnel weapon against infantry, by using Canister Rounds to deadly effect. The M3A1 was virtually identical to the Main Guns found in the US/Allied M3/M3A1/M3A3/M5/M5A1-series Light Stuart/Honey Tanks, and as secondary armament (in the Turret) of the US/Allied M3-series Medium Lee/Grant Tanks...
MAR 31, 2016 - 12:43 PM

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