Monday, January 02, 2017 - 02:51 PM UTC
Itís not rare to see WW II tanks with improvised armor protection. Tank crews would place sandbags or logs, hang tank tracks, weld plates, or even pour concrete -- and Sherman tanks are no different from its Axis counterparts.
New on Panzer Artís catalog is a kit that depicts an example of such improvisation.

RE35-440 M4A3 Sherman Hull with Improvised Anti-HE Armor renders an M4A3 Sherman hull with metal ammunition boxes mounted on its sides. This conversion set works with the Tasca / Asuka Sherman kit.
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I was going to claim those are British ammo boxes, but the pic shows a US crew.
JAN 02, 2017 - 08:17 PM
I was trying to figure that out as well. Panzer Art says that those are British C235 metal boxes.
JAN 03, 2017 - 02:58 AM
I was trying to figure that out as well. Panzer Art says that those are British C235 metal boxes. [/quote] That indicates the tank in the picture might be in Italy.
JAN 03, 2017 - 03:42 AM
Cool! I really like the empty ammo boxes on the hull sides. And who really cares where they are. Okay, so I care, but not enough to get in the way of thinking that this is really a great addition to the drab world of Olive Drab. Enjoy!
JAN 03, 2017 - 08:13 AM
There were enough US units serving in close proximity if not serving under British command to allow for some enterprising soul to nab a pile of British ammo cans. They were prized for storage. The two digit number on the turret just might indicate First Armored Division as some of their tanks had numbers and some geometric designs that would be impossible to see here but that's a wild guess. That being said they used the totally wrong hull. The tank in the picture is probably a small hatch M4 75mm dry, not a M4A3 75mm wet.
JAN 03, 2017 - 08:58 AM
Hello Sharp eyes the picture you can actually see show Early M4A1 Sherman. This is ex-DD Sherman from 743 TB, Germany, Spring 1945. I always do set using archival photos. Picture you can see on my profile on FB. Americans often used the British box, because they were very handy and are hermetically sealed. Sorry, I do not know what kind of unit. But without doubt it is a typical M4A3. Regards Andrzej
JAN 03, 2017 - 02:55 PM
JAN 03, 2017 - 04:09 PM
That's the tank! But that one guy next to the bridge watching the suspension, well someone should tell him they're taking a picture because it looks like he's relieving himself on the tank.
JAN 03, 2017 - 04:45 PM
Cześć ! Andrezj/Pawel, I did noticed this picture sometime ago in Zaloga book "Armored Victory 1945" - Stackpole Books... and tried to find out what were these ammo boxes. Then, I bought you Panzer Art set (nį 35-091) "British Army B235" but the pattern was not matching with the picture... then this new resin set falls from the sky... Caption from M.Zaloga is 'An M4A3 of the Ninth Army..." Andrezj/Pawel, do you plan to release this new pattern of British ammo box separately ? I do have already quite enough M4A3 kits to start ... or to finish dziękuję bardzo !
JAN 04, 2017 - 02:41 AM

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