Monday, April 03, 2017 - 07:25 AM UTC
The latest from Panzer Concepts is an upgrade kit to convert the Tamiya kit into a late version, as well as two other new sets.
Sd.Kfz. 9 F3 LATE Conversion Kit for Tamiya FAMO (35003) is a printed resin kit that includes:

  • front fender section
  • rear fender fillers and step
  • heat exchange unit
  • late style towing eye front and back
  • late style bumper stops
  • new dash and supports
  • replacement outer road-wheels with replacement hubcaps for the inner road wheel, idler and front wheel
  • new outer drive sprocket with separate step
FAMO Air brake kit (35004) includes firewall details, air compressor, regulator, tanks and brackets.

Ofen Coal Bunker Stove (35005) includes the stove only.
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At long last! I have the Cromwell late FAMO conversion but this didn't include the necessary late roadwheels.
APR 03, 2017 - 05:19 PM
Great news, I just wish people would stop calling it a FAMO.
APR 03, 2017 - 10:06 PM
Like calling a Mercedes not a Mercedes:-) LINK
APR 03, 2017 - 11:46 PM
Hey, Bill, don't get pedantic or people will get mad at you like they do me. I know what you're saying, though.
APR 04, 2017 - 02:04 AM
Harald, the difference is that Mercedes builds all its own cars. FAMO (Fahrzeug- und Motorenbau GmbH in Breslau) developed the concept at the request of the Waffenamt, but several firms built them as well, including Tatra and Vomag. Shell, I hear ya. But I can't not try to correct misconceptions.
APR 04, 2017 - 03:35 AM
The 'Famo' name has been put to those Sd.Kfz.9 for ages -- so everyone knows what it is ,this firm is making & selling
APR 04, 2017 - 05:08 AM
Looks like a neat late model conversion , for a great kit . Thats still a pukka kit , all these years later
APR 04, 2017 - 05:14 AM
Could care less as to what you call them, no one would call one a "Tatra" or "Vomag" just like all ME-109s weren't made in Augsburg but you still called them collectively as "Messerschmitt". Same thing here. Either way, I like what I'm seeing insofar as the offering (not the name argument) and want to check out their site to see what else they might offer. I always figured that Tamiya dropped the ball on this kit: they spent a fortune developing it and then left it to the aftermarket and cottage industry to offer alternate versions. Plain foolish on their part.
APR 07, 2017 - 11:18 PM

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