Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 12:53 PM UTC
Tamiya is working on to release a 1/48 scale kit of the M1A2 Abrams as posted earlier this week at TamiyaBlog.
U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams (32592) is marked as a future release. From information on the box top we are to expect an accurately reproduced main gun, as well as non-slip surfaces. The kit is to include link-and-length tracks, a commander figure (torso), and a decal sheet with two marking options. Lastly, a metal weight is to be provided to give such a “heavy feel” for the finished model.

In related news, the recently covered 1/35 German 3.5ton Truck AHN w/3.7cm Flak 37 AA Gun (32410) is slated for August release. Additionally, the following 1/35 kits are also scheduled for release next month:

25412 British Army Centurion Mk.III
35063 Russian Heavy Tank KV-II Gigant
35092 British L.R.D.G. Command Car 30cwt Truck
35148 German 8ton Semi Track Sd.Kfz.7
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If you look at the pictures AND read the text only the Abrams is 1/48 (quarter-scale); the other kits (whether re-pops or not) are 1/35.
JUL 07, 2017 - 03:33 AM
Looking at the kit numbers , the Chev , the KV and the SdKfz 7 are 35th scale . The Cent kit number starts with 25 , a repop of the old 25th scale Mk III with the interior ? Always wanted to build that , hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg
JUL 07, 2017 - 06:16 AM
Good catch on the Centurion. But the photo is of the 1/35 version. You can tell by the band track with no detail on the inside of the track and the old command figure. The 1/25 had a guy in a pixie suit with his arm up, a driver and the three infantry. Figures I wish Tamiya had provided in 1/35.
JUL 07, 2017 - 07:49 AM
Strange how all the comments on this story have been about the decades-old re-releases, not the headline item. The release of the Abrams is great news for those who've been waiting for Tamiya's 1/48 range to 'go modern'. Modern 1/48 AFVs must be one of the few remaining gaps in the market. I like the scale and built a Tiger and a Sherman when they first came out - lovely little kits. Now I'll finally have something to put next to my Humvees. Here's hoping for a T-55, T-72, Challenger, Leopard, Bradley etc. etc.
JUL 07, 2017 - 12:32 PM
Well, it really should be 2 totally separate stories, as there are only related by the manufacture, not the scale.
JUL 08, 2017 - 01:50 AM
Finally my wishes have been answered in 1/48 scale! I hope we get a Bradley and M113 soon with other modern armor!
JUL 08, 2017 - 04:12 AM
Great news! Hopefully they'll release an A1, a SEP, & TUSK variants.
JUL 08, 2017 - 08:06 AM
Hi, more 1/48, post - WWII tanks is just what is needed. Hope we say lots more. All the best, kip.
JUL 12, 2017 - 12:48 PM
found this, a build vid. HOPEfully there'll be some AM tracks for it, and stowed gear
JUL 31, 2017 - 04:25 PM

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