Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 12:29 AM UTC
MENG announced a release of a new tool in their catalogue: a photo-etched parts bender. Here is the press release from the company.
The fine details provided by photo-etched parts are attractive, however, the bending and treatment of those parts are challenging for many modelers. If the simple PE bending pliers is not enough for you, try this one.

The latest MENG MTS-038 Photo-etched Parts Bender is composed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel. A shot-blasted aluminum alloy platform and a stainless steel platform with a mirror surface are provided. These two exchangeable platforms are flat and smooth. This is a tool born for the precision bending of photo-etched parts.
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Almost too pretty to use and the advisement not to scratch it makes me wonder if it's really a tool or just an ornament for your hobby desk.
MAR 19, 2019 - 04:33 AM
Looks like a copy of the Mission Model's Etchmate, though at least it has a few innovations of its own it seems...very useful when tackling those pesky PE hinges and tool clasps.
MAR 19, 2019 - 11:35 AM
Flory Models has a review of the DSPIAE version of the tool. LINK
MAR 19, 2019 - 11:56 AM

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