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The DUKW was without the most succesful amphibious military vehicle ever constructed. With a war priority rating that exceeded that of the development of the atomic bomb for much of the time, the DUKW was widely used in both the Pacific and European Theaters. The GMC DUKW was so succesful, and so widely used that General Dwight Eisenhower described the DUKW as "one of the most valuable pieces of equipment produced by the United States during the war." This book chronicals the development and use of these vehicles from concept to combat.

Hardcover edition with 250 color and b/w photos over 112 pages.

Sherman Tank, Vol. 3

Powered by twin General Motors Diesel engines, the M4A2 Sherman was the standard tank of the US Marine Corps during WWII. In such service, having a common fuel with many of the landing craft simplified logistics. The M4A2 was also supplied in large numbers to Russia as well as the British. The US Army opted to standardize on first the R975-powered M4/M4A1, and later the GAA powered M4A3, all fueled by gasoline, in essence forcing their second choice, Diesel-powered tanks on our Allies, there were advantages. Notably, the lower flash point of Diesel fuel made the tanks a bit safer to operate in a combat enviroment. The M4A2 was used in some of the most severe tank combat of the war, both on Pacific Islands and on the Eastern Front. This book chronicals the development and use of these vehicles from concept to combat. Through dozens of archival photos, many never before published, as well as detailed photographs of some of the finest existent examples of surviving vehicles, these iconic armored fighting vehicles are explored, and their history explained.

Hardcover edition with 275 color and b/w photos over 112 pages.

Both books are by David Doyle, and are scheduled for release by January 2021.
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