Wednesday, September 03, 2008 - 02:28 AM UTC
Capricorn Publications are a Czech publishing house who specialize (in the majority of their current titles) in Allied vehicles of WWII.
You may have seen some of the company's titles before - a couple of them have been tied-in with SKP's model releases (the A30 Challenger & the Humber Mk.II Scout car).

The company have just announced a new title which is:

Studebaker US-6

and (for future release)

Morris Commercial C8 Quad - hopefully this is the sign of things to come in a plastic kit?

The other titles from Capricorn are:

US Army 5-ton Truck

Humber Mk. I,II Scout Car

Challenger VIII A30

All of the titles include 1/35th scale plans, contemporary images of the vehicle in service along with technical details and modern 'Walk-Round' images.

The company website can be seen:

Capricorn Website (LINK)
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