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Certainly a new company to this site, Neograde are a Korean company specializing in some very original conversions, updates and stowage sets for 1/35th scale vehicles.
There are several items in the company's lists which certainly DON'T exist from any other manufacturer. There are also some items which do look as if they've solved a couple of design 'problems' which have plagued modelers for years...

Thre are three categories to Neograde's 1/35th scale range. These are Conversion Kits, Option Parts (Upgrades) and Accessory Sets. However, i'll begin with the company's latest releases:

TA-0011 - R.O.K .ARMY K1A1

(?) Sidewalk (1/35th scale)

This upgrade contains Stowage along with the additional storage boxes seen on many Centaurs.

TA-0009 - CROMWELL Mk.IV Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting. One of the eternal problems for Allied modelers has been to convincingly reproduce the Scrim Netting which was a common feature on virtually all British vehicles. In this update set, the netting is sculpted in sections which fit over the kit parts. The photos do, IMO look pretty good.

Moving away from the New releases to the section of conversion kits. There are currently four sets:

TC-0004 - German Training Panzer (1920s-30s)

TC-0003 - PzIII Ammunition Carrier

TC-0002 - PzIII Engineer Vehicle

TC-0001 - BergePanzer III

'Option' Parts (Upgrades):

TO-0004 - Sherman Sandbag Armor (Europe)

TO-0005 - Sherman Sandbag Armor (Europe), wooden framing

TO-0006 - Sherman Additional Armor (Pacific)

TO-0007 - T34 (Mod 1942) Turret/Glacis Applique Armor

TO-0008 - Tiger I Battalion NO.505 Upgrade Set

TO-000? - Wooden trunks

TO-0009 - Wooden additional armor for T34

TO-0010 - Finnish Upgrade for Stuh 40 Ausf. G

Accessory Sets:

TA-0007 - U.S Battered Jerry Can Set

TA-000? - M3 Grant Stowage

CA-0001 - US.WILLYS Jeep Stowage

CA-0002 - US.2 1/2-TON 6x6 CARGO TRUCK Stowage & Payload

The company website (in Korean) can be seen:

Neograde Website (LINK)

Availability, direct from the manufacturer, OR from

LuckyModel.com (LINK)
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thats some nice lookin stuff. I like the stowage sets. I can see theyll be getting into my pocket...
SEP 15, 2008 - 11:31 AM
Some great stuff there!
SEP 15, 2008 - 12:54 PM
Excellent again. Great stuff and by the looks affordable. I will be attempting to purchas some of this range. Thanks for the heads up.
SEP 15, 2008 - 07:55 PM
What i've listed is actually the tip of a pretty big iceberg... If you check their website, they've got a lot of interesting stuff in Dioramas and (many) more Armor updates along with a small range of 1/15th scale Armor...
SEP 16, 2008 - 12:57 AM
Get your credit cards ready! This stuff looks great.
SEP 16, 2008 - 01:03 AM
Hmm, Finnish StuH?? The Finnish army didnīt have StuHs but the German units operating in Finland had few, so something is not quite right here. Pekka N.
SEP 17, 2008 - 10:02 PM
Is it just me, or does anybody else think that the placement of the front tarp and jerrycan on the Cromwell Mk IV mean that the driver wouldn't have an idea where he was going? The Cromwell Mk IV had a conventional top hatch for the driver, which could only be opened and closed with the turret in other than straight forward position. So in combat, it was hatch down and he relied entirely on the viewport. Which is blocked by stowage. While this was rectified in later Cromwells by giving him the same side-opening hatch as the gunner, the stowage placement here seems to block his view pretty seriously. Also, both the Centaur and Cromwell conversions have a (rather Russian looking) auxiliary fuel tank on the back plate. Right in the efflux from the Normandy cowl. I can't recall having seen such a tank documented anywhere, but my Cromwell books appear to be in hiding today, so I can confirm whether this reflects a real-world feature or not. Seems like a quick way to set your own tank on fire to me. Then there's the Centaur bins - side bins look like the standard late-model ones, rear bin looks like a bit of imagination has been exercised. The impression I get from this first batch of Neograde stuff, with stuff like the Finnish SturmLogCabitze 42 and the placement of the stowage on the Cromwell/Centaur, is that they've got excellent mastering skills but that perhaps the placement of items of stowage was based more on imagination than documentary evidence. Ordinarily this stuff wouldn't bother me, but someone's gone to a lot of work to master that tarp so that it fits on the front of the Cromwell, it seems a shame that the right-hand drive of the tank was forgotten. I really want to encourage Neograde to keep doing this stuff, but at the same time catching this stuff early on would be a plus. Note to those who've already ordered the Cromwell set - just do all the hatches open, stick a cover on the gun and do a Cromwell in transit with the driver sticking out of his hatch and no danger of decapitation. Alternatively, have a look at AA's Cromwell bits and pieces and make it into a later model hull so the driver can hang out the side to see where he's going The bridge looks really nice - first really sturdy wooden bridge I've seen anybody produce. Oh, and the K1A1 stowage'll go very nicely with the new Academy kit. Al
SEP 18, 2008 - 10:09 AM
I tried to purchase from Neograde's site and they were nice enough to let me know the shipping would add $40 to my $20 order and that I should try Sprue Brothers here in the USA. They don't yet have the product I wanted but have it on order.
OCT 07, 2008 - 09:12 AM
Try Luckymodel.com.
OCT 07, 2008 - 10:38 AM

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