Saturday, August 15, 2009 - 11:21 PM UTC
Firefly Books second volume Cromwell and Centaur is now available. Also news of a new series of from Firefly
Cromwell and Centaur was written by Ian Carter who, as Photographic Curator, at the Imperial War Museum in London, had unprecedented access to photos from the archives.

Most of the photos in this book have never before been published and are reproduced in as large a size as possible in an A4 format.

In their next title, Onslaught Karl Berne uses the snapshots taken by ordinary soldiers during the Invasion of Russia to chronicle Operation Barbarossa.

The Firefly Editorial team decided there were just too many good photos to leave out. So these two books will be the first in a new series called Combat Camera which will feature mainly photos and just a few colour illustrations.

Those who like illustrations will not be disappointed however as Firefly are also working on another series called In Colour which will be made up of books with 24 pages of colour illustrations with the rest of the pages being black and white photos and some text. The first release in this series will be titled To the Last Bullet: Germany's War on 3 Fronts, part 1 the East.

Following that, in the same series, will be a book on Commonwealth Shermans in Italy. And Mr Carter is already hard at work on another allied title.

In what's becoming a regular feature, Johan Lexell at Bison Decals will be producing sets of water-slide transfers to compliment the books.

Our thanks to Dennis Oliver of Firefly Books for the Update.

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Hi Pat, Thanks for the info. Is there a link to their web site, or email address? Al
AUG 27, 2009 - 02:47 AM

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