Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 07:49 AM UTC
Publisher MMP have released two new books on WW2 and post war subjects.

The new books cover Polish and Irish Armour.
Invincible Black Brigade - Polish 10th Cavalry Brigade

The story of the first Polish Armoured unit from its inception to the end of the Polish Campaign in September 1939, when 10th Cavalry Brigade left Poland with all its armoured vehicles. A thorough and detailed study of a much-maligned and little-known fighting unit, which faced the might of the Wehrmacht with courage and determination.

Available to order now.

AFVs IN IRISH SERVICE SINCE 1922 - From the National Army to the Irish Defence Forces

The story of the tanks and other armoured vehicles used by the armed forces of the Republic of Ireland (Eire), from independence to the present day. Although the Irish have never used large numbers of armoured vehicles, they have employed a wide and eclectic variety of tanks and armoured cars, from British WW1 vehicles through to the Swedish armoured cars currently in service. This book describes the acquisition and operational use of all such AFVs by the Irish, and includes scale plans of all major types plus details of colour schemes and markings.

Due for release in Feb.

For further details please visit the MMP website.
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excellent news for the irish vehicles book i'm really enjoyed by this subject, but i have a small doubt, there is any relationship with another book this one ? "Irish Army Vehicles transport and armour since 1922 By Karl Martin" LINK
JAN 16, 2011 - 09:20 PM
It's a completely different book by a different author. Of course there are crossover areas but Karl Martin's book covered every vehicle used by the Irish Army whereas the new book AFAIK covers only AFVs
JAN 17, 2011 - 12:16 AM
okay thanks for clarify my question could be dumb ready for order !
JAN 17, 2011 - 01:50 AM
Hi Guys I can promiss you this Irish Armour book will be excellent & accurate! I know the author Ralph Riccio, he's a gentleman & a scholar. I had privilege of assisting him with some details contained in this book & I am fortunate that I can consider Ralph a friend & i have kept regular contact with him since meeting him in 2008 when he came here to Ireland whilst researching his book! I originally began correspondence with Ralph around 2007 & he was already after spending some considerable time researching this subject before I was intoduced to him. Ralph met Karl Martain whilst he was here & Ralph told me that Karl was very helpful in regard to some information Ralph was trying to clarify for his new book. This book focus's only on the Armour vehicles that have served with the Irish Military since the departure of the Crown Forces right up to the most recent AFV in the Irish Defence Forces, the RG-32M. This is the only published book written about Irish Armour since Karl Martains extensive book on the subject, which is almost a decade old now. Along with all the armoured vehicles Karl Martain covered up in his book up until 2000, this new book by Ralph Riccio will cover in detail all the more recent AFV's vehicles that have entered service with the Irish Army over the last decade including all variants of the Mowag Piranha III series. For those of you who enjoyed Karls book you will be happy to know Ralph has covered all the armoured vehicles in too. Ralph has additional & interesting research done on all the popular subjects, in particular The Churchill Tank which in itself proved to be a very interesting study! Ralph Riccio is working on another Irish Military title & has also published some of the most extensive information & research on WWII Italian armour subjects in a number of other books including two recent releases! Please ignore that suggested cover by MMP, this was designed by the publisher without Ralphs insight & it will not be the correct cover for the book! I can assure you this book has been meticulousy researched and will be very precise & accurate. I've no doubt it will be one of the few books in print that you will turn to for research & information on Irish Armour for a long time to come! Enjoy
FEB 06, 2011 - 02:35 PM
thanks roy i'm ready for buying !
FEB 07, 2011 - 04:00 AM
Book arrived this morning courtesy of the Author Ralph Riccio. Just when you thought a book was going to be great, it arrives and guess what, its even better than you could of imagined!! Yes I have a biased opinion, firstly because I met Ralph and he's a cool guy, second because I assisted with some very small parts of the book and third because its an Irish armour subject! But these are not the reasons why I love this book, I really do think its amazing for the following reasons. First its big, heavy and has 224 thick glossy beautiful pages!! Secondly the pictures are amazing and the attention to detail and accuracy from Ralph is second to none! Thirdly (& this is one of my favourite!) there are Line Drawing for each vehicle, yes every vehicle from the Rolls Royce Armoured Car to the recent RG-32M. You dont even have to be interested in Irish subjects to respect the fact that vehicles such as Mowags, Panhards, SISU's, Ferrets, Landsverks, Vickers. Timoney, Scorpions, Churchills, Comets etc etc (the list is huge!!) are all here in 1/35 ready for use for anyone interested in scratchbuilding or conversions!! There are a huge variety of photograph of some of the larger UN mission throughout the decades, from the UN Mission in the Congo in the early 60's right through Cyprus, Lebanon, Somalia, KFOR, Eritrea, Liberia & Chad which only ended in 2010. I highly recommend this book guys, if anyone has any question please dont hesitate to contact me
FEB 22, 2011 - 12:39 AM

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