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Apart from using original photo-references, one of the best sources for information on vehicles or equipment, is always contemporary film footage. This recent series of Videos frm b>RZM Imports sould be well received...
I the first instance, it is not too clear from their webpage, if these newsreels are in VHS or DVD format. If in VHS, those outside the U.S.A. will require a Video player which reproduces NSTC/PAL format, if they are on DVD, they will function only on a Zone One DVD player, unless you have a multi-format one...

The full list of the Videos is as follows.

Blitzkrieg! Germany Conquers France

1941: Germany Invades Russia

1943: The Turning Point

1944: The Desperate Days Vol.1

1944: The Desperate Days Vol.2

1944: The Desperate Days Vol 5

1945: The Desperate Days

German Gebirgsjägers In Combat
Russia 1941

German Fallshirmjägers In Action: 1939-1944

Each video has a running time of between 30 and 46 minutes and retail at $24.95 each. On a technical note, the videos are digitally remastered contemporary newsreels..

RZM Webpage/on-line store

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