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M2 Machine Gun Body
M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun Body
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]


The M2 Machine Gun (or Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun) is a heavy machine gun designed by John Browning towards the end of WWI. Nicknamed "Ma Deuce" or "the fifty", the M2 Machine Gun is belt-fed, air-cooled machine weapon capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire. The weapon is designed to provide suppressive fire for both offensive and defensive purposes, and can be used effectively against infantry, unarmored or lightly armored vehicles and boats, light fortifications and low flying aircraft.

The Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun has been used extensively as a vehicle weapon and for aircraft armament by the US Military from the 1920s to the present. It was used during WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and also during the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s and 2010s. M2 is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries, and has been used by many other countries as well.


Live Resin offers a number of accessory sets for 1/35 scale M2 Browning .50 cal weapon sets. This review covers their M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun Body (LRE35144).

The accessory set is packed in a zip-lock bag safely secured between a firm cardboard. The boxart image on the front shows all the kit parts, while the one on the back displays M2 body in more detail. The set includes 12 pieces for assembling 3 complete M2 Machine Gun bodies, cast in grey resin. The cast is really good and I found no imperfections in the resin whatsoever. All three weapon bodies were damaged in transport though... I did manage to find broken pieces of spade grip holders in the zip-lock bag and with a touch of CA glue the problem was solved. The carrier blocks are pretty large and some of the parts very delicate, so I would suggest patience when cleaning the pieces.

The M2 Machine Gun body is made of three major sub-assemblies: the receiver, barrel support and barrel group. The receiver features the backplate assembly with the standard firing control consisting of a push-type thumb trigger and sear release buttons located between the dual spade grips, top cover, feed opening, cocking handle and sights. Standard M2 sights consist of a rear flip-up sight and front sight protected by an arc-shaped sight cover. The barrel support features perforated cooling jacket. As for the barrel assembly, due to the long procedure for changing the barrel, an improved system was developed called QCB (quick change barrel). It includes a removable quick change handle and a new flash suppressor.

All of these M2 Machine Gun body features are clearly identifiable and magnificently rendered in this kit, with the level of details absolutely amazing thus offering one of the best M2s produced in 1/35 scale. However, I'm not sure if the barrel depicted in this particular set is actually a part of the QCB kit. The set does supply the quick change handle, however the barrel does not display the new style flash suppressor. Also, my nitpick would be a very thin carrier stub from the resin block which attaches to the end of the muzzle completely obscuring the muzzle bore hole. Modelers would have to use a very fine drill to make a perfectly centered hole in the middle of a muzzle... not an easy task.

The assembly of the system is pretty much straightforward with spade grips and cocking handle to attach, also the removable quick barrel change handle if desired. Number of complete M2 Machine Gun systems utilizing different mounts and various shields, as well as numerous M2 accessories can be found in Live Resin portfolio, some of them reviewed on Armorama (link).


M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun Body (LRE35144) includes 3 M2 Machine Gun bodies for upgrading “Ma Deuces” in 1/35 scale from all the different manufacturers. The resin cast is perfect and the details impressively rendered. The only thing I'm really missing is the muzzle bore hole.


Globla Security
World Guns
Highs: Flawlessly cast with impressively rendered details, this set is a perfect upgrade for 1/35 scale M2s from different manufacturers.
Lows: Drilling a tiny hole in the muzzle is not easy.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRE-35144
  Related Link: Live Resin website
  PUBLISHED: Feb 18, 2015
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Miniarm makes beautiful Russia tank AA guns.
FEB 18, 2015 - 08:38 AM
Thanks but no DShK on the site.
FEB 18, 2015 - 11:40 AM
are these what you are looking for? LINK LINK
FEB 18, 2015 - 12:13 PM
Not all M2A1 QCB's have the flash suppressor or the "J" slot.
FEB 18, 2015 - 12:50 PM
Is this M2 a WWll version, or strictly modern?
FEB 18, 2015 - 09:40 PM
TACOM-- M2 & M2A1 Machine Gun .50 Caliber Barrels are NOT Interchangeable. The M2 barrels are not interchangeable with M2A1 barrels, and M2 barrels should not be installed in the M2A1 Machine Gun receivers. IAW TM 9-1005-347-10, WP 0004 00-1, the note states "All M2A1 barrels are interchangeable without affecting the headspace or timing of the weapon." M2A1 barrels are only interchangeable with other M2A1 barrels for use with the M2A1 machine gun receiver. The bottom line is, the machine gun set represents an accurate M2 .50 cal if you do not use the quick change handle. The quick change handle, as stated by Robert, is only used on the M2A1 barrel.
FEB 19, 2015 - 02:32 AM
Mr. Sauer and Mr. Johnson, Thanks, I must have missed them! That is exactly what i was looking for! All the best, Bill
FEB 19, 2015 - 02:58 AM
Well that's exactly what we were taught in the course at Ft. Carson in '13. And the other recognition features to insure you have the correct barrel, ie, barrel alignment guide pin, and the interrupted threads. Of course, you can't see that on the kit, but the J slot definitely is a required part of the mix, which WOULD ne visible. My only doubt (that something new may have happened since '13,) is that they may have decided to put the new handle on the barrels as they're easier than the type on the older barrel. A few talks with some of my colleagues confirms that THAT has not been done. So, bottom line, as we already knew... Leave the handle off.
FEB 19, 2015 - 03:47 AM
I know about problems with damages of thin handle part and correct it. WWII version ready
FEB 19, 2015 - 09:08 PM

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