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Suitcase Set
Suitcase Set (35113)
  • 35113 - Suitcase Set

by: António Pires Preto [ ANTONIOP ]

There's always some manufacturer that does those little things that can make a difference when building a diorama or just an isolated model, and this is the reason behind this review. Not long ago I saw a Stug III G built by one of the members of Armorama that had a wicker basket on the back of the tank. That little detail added so much to the build of the tank that I was amazed with the result. Coupled with spare shells, a beautiful paint job and the usual high quality of the builds from that modeler, made it stand out from the ordinary.

I knew I had seen that basket somewhere... but where?? I'm like a ferret on the field when trying to find something on the net. And I found that basket and a couple of things more on Plus Model site.

It's a set of suitcases that consists of 12 (6 different, 2 of each) suitcases. From the big wicker basket to normal leather (?) suitcases. There are 4 sizes of wicker baskets and suitcases and 2 sizes of regular suitcases (corner metal reinforcements and all). Plus Model even includes a little set of decals with the stickers that hotels used to glue on luggage many moons ago. The quality of the molding is awesome and you can see every little detail especially the weave of the baskets.

I know that if I put one of these on the back of my Stug (or any other model for that matter) everyone will know that I'm just copying an original idea from another builder. No problem with that. I prefer to copy the good examples and I had to share this nice set with everyone who is thinking where they can find one. I'll spare you the trouble of 2 days trying to find it :D . Although the price is a little high for a product with marginal use, it's a very nice addition to any scene. It just adds to the realism.

Highs: Wicker suitcases well reproduced. I particularly liked the detail of including the Hotel decals for the suitcases
Lows: The price is a little on the high side...
Verdict: Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35113
  Suggested Retail: £9.49
  PUBLISHED: Apr 29, 2007

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I started to build 1/72 planes a long time ago. And stopped a long time ago... My hobby has been Radio Control for the past 14 years. But after a while I got fed up with the "competitive" side of the hobby and decided to look at static kits once again. 1/72 was out of the question and armor seemed...

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Interesting little set of tidbits to add a little interest to vehicles etc. Nothing like a little pilfered items around. Also something nice to add to some "civilian/staff car" types of vehicles. Thanks for the review.
APR 29, 2007 - 04:30 PM
Hi António. They say great minds think alike, but in our case, something similar happened That wicker basket on the back of the StuG is something that rang home with me aswell. So much so, that the first oppurtunity I had, I picked up this set. Have to agree, this is so cool and the quality of the details is second to none!
APR 29, 2007 - 04:43 PM
The only problem is that if we build something and use one of these baskets, everyone knows who we copied
APR 29, 2007 - 08:29 PM

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  • 35113 - Suitcase Set
  • 35113 - Suitcase Set
  • 35113 - Suitcase Set
  • 35113 - Suitcase Set