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Sherman M4A3 105mm HVSS
Sherman M4A3 105mm HVSS - 1:72nd Armor Pro
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by: Sven-Åke Grufstedt [ MGDSIGN ]

No matter what you think of the steady stream of Shermans pouring out of Dragon these days one thing is certain and that is that the kits are wonderful little gems of plastic.

This kit features the M4A3 with the 105mm infantry support gun and the HVSS suspension which is beautifully rendered and each boogie consists of no less than 8 parts. The T80 tracks are also faithfully reproduced in the now standard DS material.
Contents of the kit
5 sprues of grey plastic
1 lower hull in a separate plastic bag
1 upper hull in a separate plastic bag
1 fret of photoetched parts
1 set of DS tracks
1 sheet of decals by Cartograf
1 construction manual
The plastic parts
The parts are up to Dragons usual standards and are without flash and sinkmarks. It still boggles my mind how it is possible to manufacture some of these small parts in plastic and still get the crispness that is seen on them.

The only compaint I have about it is that they still include some of the pioneer tools in the mouldings of the upper hull. I would much rather have them as separate parts so I can move them about a bit. But that's just me... Other than that there is absolutely nothing from my point of view to complain about regarding the mouldings.
The photoetch
The photetch in the box is the standard M4A3 fret which contains the front fenders which I like very much since it's possible to make them a little dented and bent to make the tank a bit more lifelike and create the impression of a battle worn vehicle. Other parts on the fret are the guards for the headlights and the rear stowage rack which are very delicate and is a must if you want to create a good looking vehicle. For those of you who does not like working with the small etched parts there are options in plastic that you can use instead.
The tracks
The DS tracks are something that I have started to like more and more and specially the ones on the Shermans. These are the T80 HVSS version and they are absolutely gorgeous and very crisp. They can be glued with ordinairy plastic glue which makes life much easier.
The decals
The decals are as usual printed by Cartograf and they are very nice and lets you do four different vehicles during the latter part of the war.

713th Tank Battalion, Okinawa 1945
67th Armored Infantry Battalion, 13th Armored Division, Austria 1945
752nd Tank Battalion, Italy 1945
20th Armored Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored Division, Germany 1945
The construction Manual
The manual is clear and precise and the drawings gives you no worries about where to put the parts. The markings and painting instructions are also very good.

Another very fine kit from Dragon. Higly recommended for all Sherman fans out there.
Highs: Amazing detail on a kit in this scale. If put together well it can be as good as a 1/35 kit.
Lows: Maybe not a beginners kit.
Verdict: Highly recommended for all Sherman fans and for everyone else too.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 7313
  Suggested Retail: $14.95 USD
  PUBLISHED: Jun 04, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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About Sven-Åke Grufstedt (mgdsign)

This is my second time in modelling. Recently started again after 20 odd years of absence so I basically have to relearn everything again plus a lot of new stuff that has come up since last time... I build mainly 1/72 scale armor from both the WWII and modern era... When I build, the number on...

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JUN 12, 2007 - 07:19 AM
Hi Sven Great review on the Sherman. The only thing I got to tell you is that you damm near gave me my third heart attack!! I was reading the review all nice and calm, and happy. Then before I saw the scale I saw the price. I saw $14.95 on a Sherman made by Dragon My hands started to shake, My bald head started to sweat, I was almost to my credit cards when I saw that it was 1/72 scale. Oh well. I do have one question, and I'm sorry if its a stupid one. What is this "DS material" that you mentioned in the review. Is this something found only in 1/72nd scale, or have I just missed it in 1/35th ? Other than that, great review, and even thoughj those small scale tanks are getting harder to build you talked me into this one. Harry
JUL 12, 2007 - 09:47 AM
Harry The "DS" stands for Dragon Styrene (I think) They have those types of tracks in a lot of their 1/72 scale kits They are great tracks Sven Thanks for the review
JUL 12, 2007 - 10:23 AM
Nice review. Although I have to admit that Braille scale is a might small for me.
JUL 12, 2007 - 10:31 AM

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