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Sherman Mk.III
Sherman Mk.III - Armor Pro 1/72 series
  • DML ShermanIII 1/72

by: Sven-Åke Grufstedt [ MGDSIGN ]

'Well here comes another Sherman' I said to myself with a sigh when I recieved this kit for me to review. However my state of mind rapidly changed once I opened the box to see some newly tooled parts. And remembering that the previous Shermans from Dragon are excellent kits I decided to take a closer look.
Contents of the kit
  • 4 sprues in grey plastic
  • 1 lower hull in a separate plastic bag
  • 1 upper hull in a separate plastic bag
  • 1 set of DS tracks
  • 1 fret of photoetched parts
  • 1 sheet of decals printed by Cartograf
  • 1 construction manual

The plastic parts
The parts are up to the usual Dragon standard with nice and crisp details on all the parts. The level of detail has to be seen to be believed and some parts are so small that it's amazing that they can be done in plastic. There are some newly tooled parts in this kit. First up is the upper hull which is said to be more correct than previous versions. It also includes wonderful little weld seams that are very well rendered. Another new item is the transmission cover that seem to be more detailed. The sandshields also look very good.

As ususal I must nag a little about the tools still being moulded on to the upper hull. Dragon has the capacity and the technology to do them as separate parts. I would love to have a set of separate tools included so I could have the option of cutting the fixed ones off and replacing them with the loose ones.
The photoetch
The PE is a standard set with the inclusion of some Mk.III parts like the stowage rack. Other nice details are the periscope guards and some handles for the stowagebox at the rear of the turret.
The tracks
The tracks in this kit are from a new tooling which should resemble the T54E-1 tracks and from what I can see they are a very good match and very crisp and clean.
The decals
The decals are very nicely printed and with vibrant colours and gives us a choice between three different markings all belonging to the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry operating in Syria 1943.
The instruction manual
The manual is very good with clear pictures and the painting guide is very nice too.
This kit really made me interested in building a Sherman again. It's an interesting subject and the quality of the kit will make it a beautiful representation of an exciting vehicle.
Highs: An interesting subject and an amazing level of detail.
Lows: Tools moulded to the hull.
Verdict: I truly recomend this kit to all Sherman fanatics out there and to everyone else who are looking for a well designed and highly detailed kit straight out of the box.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 7288
  Suggested Retail: $14.50 USD
  PUBLISHED: Sep 06, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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About Sven-Åke Grufstedt (mgdsign)

This is my second time in modelling. Recently started again after 20 odd years of absence so I basically have to relearn everything again plus a lot of new stuff that has come up since last time... I build mainly 1/72 scale armor from both the WWII and modern era... When I build, the number on...

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Good review but I don't think this kit is for me, I recently built the 1/48 Tamiya M4A1 and nearly went insane working with the small parts and that was without the PE I don't know how you braille scale guys do it
SEP 06, 2007 - 08:59 PM
Hi Sven, Thanks for the review. I've got three on order so I'll be getting into em myself soon too. The only thing I'm hestitant on is the restrictive markings Dragon chose ......... cheers Brent
SEP 07, 2007 - 08:08 PM
I agree with the review, the only thing that I would add is that the road wheels included in the kit are incorrect for this version of Sherman. They should be open spoked and not solid. To the best of my knowledge I don't believe that DML offers a Sherman in 1/72 with this style of road wheel, they are all solid. Some of the PE is flimsy as well, however I would rather attempt to deal with it then not have it at all. I also don't like the moulded on tools.
SEP 12, 2008 - 07:46 PM

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