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Sherman Periscopes
Sherman Periscopes Set (all versions)
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by: Dave O'Meara [ GRUMPYOLDMAN ]

I often wonder how many people browse the net, and see something new to them, and buy it on impulse (I'm a terrible impulse buyer!). I really do not know if these are new or not, but when I saw them, I just had to grab a set. They also will probably go a long way to help open hatches that older kits have with no interior details.

what's in the set
The set consists of a Photo Etched sheet containing parts to construct 10 periscopes, including the guards. Also included are enough resin parts to construct the actual periscope. The neat thing is you can either construct them holding the periscopes, or just have the mounting, without the periscope installed. The construction appears pretty straight forward, although one of the folding gizmos may make it go smoother, and they may just be the perfect beginner's aftermarket set for someone wanting to add a little extra detail to their Sherman or Sherman variants.

As always the opinions expressed in this review are those of a senile old geezer, taking the time to help fellow modelers, with his honest, but not expert view of a product. Now not being a Shermanholic, I really haven't gotten out micrometers, or drawings to see if they are 100% accurate, but I do think they will spiffy up your Sherman hatches a bit. (Sorry folks, I'm not a Periscope Expert, so I really don't know if they will work on other armored vehicles--- I'll probably use some on an M3, and give a few heart attacks and laughs along the way---- and I'm sure I'll hear the "100% accurate crowd on this one"!) For 12 bucks, I don't think it will break the bank, and you can sneak it pass SWMBO in a shirt pocket.
No animals were injured in the review, although some sensitive feathers probably have been ruffled.
Highs: Pretty neat little set, worth the 12 bucks.
Lows: I personally couldn't find any. Resin in my set were bubble and blemish free.
Verdict: Just may convince me to do another Sherman!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: TX0035
  Suggested Retail: 11.95 USD
  PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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