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British Policeman w/ young boy
British Policeman w/ young boy
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by: Henk Meerdink [ HENK ]

One item that can really improve a non-combat diorama is civilian figures, especially if they are not directly 'involved' with the Military subject matter. A diorama that has a number of small subjects around the main subject keeps things interesting, and holds the viewers attention longer. Over the years there has been a slow increase of civilian figures, but the quality has varied wildly, as have the figures poses. Jakrei Miniatures. has released a few civilian figures in it's first line, and will hopefully follow with more in the future.

This set from Jakrei Miniatures is quite versatile, you can use the two figures together, as depicted on the box lid photo, or use them separate, with the small boy in particular being suitable for almost any situation.

what's in the box?
The figures are presented in a small, black box made from heavy card, with a top opening lid. On the lid is a photo of both figures, built and painted. Inside the box is a fitted piece of foam to protect the contents, and two ziplock bags containing the parts for each figure. The packaging is very robust, and will protect the contents from all but being run over.

The policeman The Policeman is broken down into four parts, which are all cleanly cast, with just a little clean-up required. Overall fit is good, but a small amount of filler is needed to finish the shoulder joins.

Head The head is cast as one piece with the helmet. Well sculpted and proportioned, including the rivets for the internal straps, but a little bit more undercut under the rim of the helmet would have been nice. The helmet is the famous 'Custodian' , better known as the 'Bobby' Helmet, and faced with the 'Brunswick Star' badge. Detail of the face is rather flat, but with some careful painting should be o.k. The neck is too long, and you will have to either shorten it, or drill out the hole in the torso.

Torso and Legs The figure wears a high-collared tunic, with two breast pockets and shoulder epaulettes. Detail on the jacket is good, and includes the whistle chain from the Tunic button into the pocket, and numbers on the collar. The trousers are of a very baggy cut, and have nice, flowing folds which look very convincing. The trousers cover the shoes, so the only detail on those is the clear definition between the shoe upper and soles.

Arms The arms are well proportioned, and have only a small pour stub that needs to be cleaned up. The shoulders have a little nub that should fit into a corresponding hole in the torso, to aid positioning, but on the figure I have here that was not a very good fit. Removing the nub allows a good fit, with just a small amount of filler needed to clean up the joins. The clenched right fist and outstretched left hand seem well proportioned, with good detail, although the inside of the fist lacks some definition. The Sergeant's rank stripes on both arms are finely cast, with good definition between the three stripes, but the white striped band around his left wrist is too thick, standing too proud of the surface. These are a series of white stripes, 6 mm wide by 50 mm high, set 6 mm apart , which were introduced to distinguish to police from Sailors who would wear a similar Dark Blue attire.

The Small Boy This figure is similarly broken down in four parts, which equally fit together without any problems. The pullover which the figure wears over the shirt means that no filler at the shoulders is needed.

Head The head is very nice, with fine sculpted detail, such as the hair, ears and cheeks all well defined. The head fits into the torso without the need to trim the neck.

Torso and Legs The torso is well proportioned and the pullover has been sculpted with just enough crease to give it some texture, as a garment like this would have been a tight fit over the shirt, without the baggy creases and folds. The figure wears a shirt buttoned to the top, without a tie. The shorts are fairly large, and being such a wide fit could have had some more folds and creases. The knee high socks are fine, and the shoes have some delicately detailed laces etc.

Arms The left arm is outstretched in a defiant "but it wasn't me" type of gesture, and both arm and hand are in good proportion and well detailed. The right arm is held by the figures side, and is holding a catapult. This is the item that interacts the two figures, with the Policeman obviously demanding that the boy hand over his toy. Detail on the arm and hand is good, and adding a small piece of wire or foil to represent the sling will just finish this figure of to a tee.

A really nice set, which will be great to paint on it's own, perhaps with a broken window as a backdrop.
The figures are also great to use individually, and especially the small boy will have many uses in a variety of dioramas/vignettes. The fact that you get both figures for the regular prize makes it great value as well. Highly recommended.

Highs: Unique subject matter, with plenty of possibilities.
Lows: Some detail lacking sharpness.
Verdict: Very versatile figures, which will make a nice stand alone piece, or can be used in many diorama situations.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: J3509
  Suggested Retail: 8.50
  PUBLISHED: Nov 01, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Thanks for the reveiw. Now I know I'll have to pick up that figure. I liked it the first time I saw a photo of it.
NOV 01, 2007 - 09:34 AM

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