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British Shermans #4
British Shermans #4
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by: Malcolm Ireson [ MALCOLM ]

Set contents
The set, #35015 "British Shermans #4", comes in its own sealed clear packet. This particular set is designed for British Shermans with the the choice of 6 vehicles, all of which have been photographed and can be seen in various books and publications. The 6 vehicles included are:

Sherman Mk I Hybrid - 'BURY' - East Riding Yeomanry, Holland October 1944.
Sherman Mk III - 'BOBBIE' - Staffordshire Yeomanry, England April 1944.
Sherman Mk III - 'ARMAGEDDON' - 24 Lancers, Normandy June 1944.
Sherman Mk III - 'CRUSADER' - Staffordshire Yeomanry, France 1944.
Sherman Mk III - 'CASSIUS' - East Riding Yeomanry, Normandy June 1944.
Sherman Mk V - 'FOX' - Royal Marines, Normandy June 1944.

Along with the decal sheet, you get a very detailed set of black and white line drawings which reference the appropriate position of the markings for the different vehicles. As an added bonus, the drawings also include additional Sherman-related information showing things like what tracks were fitted, what drive housing was used, the color of the base coat, and even when and where the particular vehicle you wish to model was seen and photographed.

As for the decals themselves, they are very thin, perfectly in register, and easy to cut off from the sheet and use. These are wet transfers and take very little time to separate from the backing sheet when immersed in water. With the help of the Micro sol/set system or similar decal agents for complex surfaces, they can be placed on the model and snug in very easily. As with all decals I would recommend a gloss surface to aid in preventing silvering but a word of warning here, DO NOT use Johnson clear with the Micro system as they react with each other and will strip your paint job right down to the primer. Instead I would suggest you use Micro gloss for a base coat, and when the decals are set and dried, a couple of coats of your preferred matte varnish will seal the decals, without a trace of decal film to be seen, ready for the weathering process.

This is the first set of Bison decals I have used, and I must say, I'm impressed by them and will be using more of the excellent Bison range on my Shermans. For subject matter, they also cover German, Russian, USA, Allied WWII subjects, and even modern Israeli vehicles.
Highs: Everything about this decal sheet is good, with easy to use and understand instructions
Lows: Limited availability restricts access to them, particularly in the UK.
Verdict: Overall a great set for those looking to model different Shermans in British service for WW2.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35015
  Suggested Retail: $9.00
  Related Link: Bison Decals
  PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Great review Malc! I have some on order and can not wait to try them out. Thanks for the hint about the Future floor wax. My kids may have learned a few more words. Bob
DEC 17, 2007 - 09:13 AM
Cheers Bob, glad to see you made it across to have a look, keep your eyes peeled mate, I hope to do a few more reviews for the site, speak soon my mate, malc.
DEC 17, 2007 - 09:45 PM

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