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Wash Room
Wash Room
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by: Chas Young [ YOUNGC ]

Plus Model is fast becoming a manufacturer of those small items that can make a significant difference to the visual and emotional aspect of a diorama. I have noticed that many military dioramas showing destroyed or damaged buildings lack interesting/realistic interiors. Sure, we sometimes see a chair or a table, maybe a wine bottle, but it’s these types of items that add authenticity and evidence that the structure was once occupied.

This kit consists of 18 grey resin parts, one photo-etched fret, a piece of copper wire and a wooden part. The parts themselves are packaged in sealed plastic bags, wrapped in bubble plastic inside a sturdy, full colour cardboard box. Although Plus Model have obviously packed the parts with great care, they may wish to invest in zip lock or re-sealable bags as once these bag are opened, parts can fall out easily. Modellers want to be able to store parts safely during the build process.

When viewing the pictures, you may notice is that there is hardly any flash on the resin parts. Any flash present can be easily removed with a sharp hobby knife.

I must point out that the instructions are quite poor, a recurring theme with Plus Model kits. A small, hand drawn illustration on a small slip of paper is the only instruction provided. To understand the assembly of the P.E pieces or small resin parts in particular from these illustrations is very difficult indeed, more so for inexperienced modellers.

A lot of sawing and filing will be necessary to remove the parts from the casting blocks, as the attachment points are very thick.

Wooden Bench:
The bench is of simple construction involving three ‘A-frame’ legs, a bench surface and a balsa wood reinforcing beam. The resin parts show nice wood grain detail as does the balsa piece (after all, it is real wood).

The half-cylindrical trough (or basin) is supported by three decorative legs and is ‘closed off’ by two half-round flat resin pieces.

The piece of copper wire needs to be cut to size and inserted through a hole in the legs, acting as a brace. The remaining copper wire is to be inserted through three small resin rings which are then attached to the front of the basin, acting as a handrail.

A small piece of plumbing is provided, to be attached to the underside of the basin with the plug hole. This plug hole is far too small and will need to be enlarged (at present, its diameter is less than a 1:35 scale finger).

Taps and P.E parts:
The three taps are the only kit parts requiring significant clean-up of flash. The photo-etched tap handles will add to the overall detail of these intricate pieces. I believe the idea is to drop a small amount of paint into the central rings to denote hot or cold tap handles.
The kit has an original yet distinctive old style design, most suited to European or colonial settings. The kit has a great potential for military and civilian dioramas.

The addition of a tiled wall as shown on the box art could’ve added to the kits’ appeal. Had it been included, it might have also been suitable as a tiled floor.

Apart from the plug hole in the basin being too small, I cannot find any other ‘practical’ inaccuracies with this kit.
Highs: Detailed taps and P.E handles.
Lows: Large/thick attachment points to casting blocks. Instructions are not satisfactory.
Verdict: A highly recommended kit with many possible diorama applications.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PM 087
  Suggested Retail: €10.80
  PUBLISHED: Feb 16, 2009

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Yet another fantastic accessory from Plus Model cheeers for the review Chas and thanks to James for sharing it too
FEB 15, 2009 - 04:14 PM
You're welcome Lyndon, James always does a fantastic job getting reviews published (in lightning fast time too!). It's a pleasure to work with you, James. Chas
FEB 15, 2009 - 08:36 PM
Hi Chas, Thanks for the review, nice looking item. The one problem I have with these small Plus Model dio items is the price, I can't help feeling they should cost less. Very useable and would make a cool addition to any dio. Cheers Al
FEB 16, 2009 - 07:21 AM
Many thanks Alan. I agree, many Plus Model kits are beyond my modelling budget. The other Plus Model kits sent to me also had a similar price tags. Chas
FEB 16, 2009 - 08:12 PM

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