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British Officer and Crewman
British Officer and Radio Operator, 15th Scottish Division
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


This is my second look at some recently released Nemrod figures. This time 2 infantry soldiers, an Officer and Radio Operator from the 15th Scottish Division. I previously reviewed their Staghound Crew Set N35074 which can be found Here.

The Set

Nemrod figures come in a large dark blue box. On the front is a colour picture of the contents which should aid painting and on the reverse, in several languages, a brief outline about gluing and painting the figure with a warning that they are not for children under 14, so I should be OK there. The figures come packed in a plastic zip bag. The box is exceedingly large considering the contents and the figures tend to rattle around inside, but no damage was sustained in their journey. (If you read the 1st review then you’ll know that!)

Both figures are cast in grey resin, the casting is excellent and I could see no damage or air bubbles in the parts, the only thing needing cleaning up is a little flash and the removal of the pour stubs. Normal precautions when working with resin apply. Both figures are in halted a standing position.

The Officer:
The officer comes cast in 4 parts; a full body with the arms and head being separate items. The Body is dressed in 37/40 battle dress that has the pleated blouse pockets. The blouse is open at the neck showing an officers shirt collar and the possible indication if a tie. The detail on the uniform is very good, it has nice folds and creases and hangs well. On the epaulettes are a crown and button. The only thing I can see that is missing is a back hip pocket on the RHS of the BD trousers. The map pocket is well depicted, the flap open and looking to contain a number of items.

Over the blouse he wears a set of 37 pattern webbing consisting of belt and shoulder straps. On the left hand side of the webbing is a side haversack, over which hangs the pistol holster, above which sits a small ammo pouch. On the right hand side is a binoculars case with another small ammo pouch above. Around his neck hangs a lanyard that disappears at belt level, on the end of which I would assume would be a whistle as it doesn’t lead to the pistol grip. The webbing is very well detailed with straps and buckles all being present and in the correct place. The belt shows the buckle, but the side brasses on the belt would seem to be absent. The holster shows the butt of a revolver.

The uniform is finished off with a pair of anklets and ammo boots both having good detail.

The arms are well cast showing nice cuff detail and hands. The right arm is designed to be hanging by his side holding a map (not supplied) and the left arm is pointing slightly to the left. On the arms are slightly raised unit badges and divisional markings.

The head wears a good representation of the Tam O’Shanter headgear worn by many Scottish Regiments. I would hazard a guess that the cap badge is that of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, whose 6th Battalion where in 15th Scottish Division. From the back of the Tam O’Shanter hangs a pleated ribbon. The face is very well detailed depicting that of a mature officer, with good strong weather beaten features.

Overall an excellent figure; well cast with great detail that should paint up exceedingly well.

The Radio Operator:
Cast as per the officer, the Radio Operator comes in 6 parts. The body is cast as a whole with separate head, arms, radio and rifle. In the photograph he is painted in battle dress colours but I could see no sign of any breast pockets below the webbing, so a slight fix required there. The blouse is open at the neck, exposing a tiny bit of shirt top. The trousers have good detail, but again no hip pocket.

Over the DB blouse he wears a skeleton set of 37 pattern webbing consisting of belt, shoulder straps, front ammo pouches and on his right hand hip a water bottle. Hanging on the left hand hip and attached to the webbing is a radio satchel, and running from the satchel is the wiring up to the throat mike and head phones for the No 38 wireless set. Around the neck and hanging in a V down the front of the blouse is a set of straps onto which the No 38 set would attach. The buckles and straps are well depicted, with the exception of the front belt brass, but this isn’t really an issue as the No 38 set will hang there.

To complete the uniform he is wearing anklets and ammo boots, both of which have good detail.

The arms have good detail and again display the shoulder badges of the unit. The right arm hangs down to which you need to attach his hand which is holding a No 4 Rifle on, whilst his left hand is designed to be working the controls of the wireless.

His head is shown without helmet but with ear phones, and around the neck is a good representation of the throat mikes issued with this kit. The face is well detailed but has a slightly sour look on it with mouth down turned. The hair whilst nicely done will need careful painting to make it look right.

Additional Equipment:
The No 38 Set looks to be a good representation of the kit, although the inner central knob looks just a little too big to me. With only one small pour stub to remove, it should fit nicely onto the figure. The upper frame is fairly well cast and appropriate straps are molded onto the set itself.

You get a pair of No Mk II helmets complete with straps around one end and the idea of a helmet liner inside to use with the figures if you choose.

The No 4 Rifle is fairly good and you would just need to add a strap and do a little clean up on it.


Despite some minor missing detail, these are two very good figures and should be welcomed by British and Commonwealth modelers.

The No 38 Wireless Set is not often shown on figures, and being plumbed in may be a big advantage for some. I am not sure if the Signals Satchel would have been worn attached to the webbing, it’s possible but I would have thought it would have hung on its own shoulder strap.

Officers, too, are in short supply, so again a very useable and detailed figure and properly equipped, with a good strong face.

Overall the level of detail is impressive, the body proportions look good and both figures fit well together. These should be of interest to both figure painters and Allied modelers alike.

If you don’t want a Scottish Regiment, then little would need to be done to them to make them into standard infantry. A quick shoulder to shoulder comparison makes them slightly bigger than the Resicast and Ultracast figures I have but they should fit well with any of the current Allied figures available.
Highs: A welcome and very useful set of figures; super detail and both figures fill a gap in the Commonwealth figure genre. These should find many a good home and paint up extremely well.
Lows: A little missing detail, hip pockets on both figures and breast pockets on the Radio Operators blouse, otherwise the detail is excellent.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: N35076
  Suggested Retail: £18.95
  PUBLISHED: May 03, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Thanks for the review Alan. These look really good but the missing pockets will be a difficult fix.
MAY 03, 2009 - 08:38 AM
Hi Pat, With all the equipment the radio operator has it won't be that noticable, but I have considered turning the tunic into a jumper which should be reasonably easy to achieve by just just altering the cuffs and neck. It would also be unusual! Al
MAY 03, 2009 - 09:03 AM
Hey Al, Missed this one the first time around ! Great review, an interesting couple of figures. If I could a) find them over here and b) afford them, I might pick up a set for the "cattle rustling" diorama I'm working on. The officer figure would work great representing my Dad. Cheers for the review jjumbo
MAY 29, 2009 - 08:22 PM
Hi John, Thanks, they are good figures. Look forward to the Cattle Rustling scene. Al
MAY 29, 2009 - 08:37 PM

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