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German Soldier
German Soldier on the Western Front 1914-1918
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by: Keith Middleton [ KBM ]

This new book from Concord Publications was written by Robert Kirchubel with the illustrations by Ramiro Bujeiro.

This is a brief book consisting of a total of 52 pages. It begins, as do most volumes published by Concord, with a two page introduction which serves as a historical overview of the conflict on the Western Front and which is the author's attempt to set the scene so the photographs can be examined in historical context.

There are four color illustrations, one from each year of the war. The illustrations are well done, although I must admit, I prefer Ron Volstad's style. These trace the changes in the uniform and equipment of the German soldier, which are further explained in the three paragraph caption accompanying each illustration.

The book itself is broken down into ten chapters:

Individual Soldiers which consists of 2 pages and 6 photographs.

Group Photographs consisting of 7 pages and 22 photographs.

The Battlefield containing 3 pages and 13 photographs.

In the Trenches consisting of 11 pages and 31 photographs.

Indirect Fire 7 pages and 18 photographs.

Tanks consisting of a single page with only 2 photographs.

Above the Trenches consisting of 6 pages and 14 photographs.

POW's containing 1 page and 4 photographs.

Rear Services containing 4 pages and 14 photographs.

Far From the Front consisting of 2 pages and 11 pictures.

The book has a total of 135 photographs. The photographs were all new to me, a novice to photographic histories of World War I. The photos were also well reproduced, but it was apparent from the captions that some had been cropped. The captions were generally informative but the author too frequently resorts to the use of the German names for the parts of the uniforms and equipment with no English translation or explanation of what the author was pointing out in the photo.

As I read the book, I was struck by the similarity of the pictures and the soldiers within them not to those from World War II, which started a mere 21 years later, but instead to the pictures from the American Civil War, which had ended nearly 50 years before.

I highly recommend this book to those seeking an introduction to the photographic history of World War I.
Highs: This is an excellent, albeit brief, photographic overview of World War I on the Western Front from the German perspective.
Lows: This 52 page book is a brief photographic overview of World War I on the Western Front and hardly does the subject justice. In addition, the authors assume a basic knowledge of German terminology.
Verdict: For the World War I novice, this book provides a superb visual introduction to that world changing conflict.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 18, 2009

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About! I was very interested in this book, I find her at home. A lot of interesting photos to help with the construction of dioramas from this period.
FEB 17, 2010 - 02:20 PM

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